French court withdrew the arrest from the accounts of MIA “Russia today” in the “case of Yukos”

The Tribunal de Grande instance of Paris recognized on Friday, April 15, illegal freezing of Bank accounts of the French mission MIA “Russia today” in the proceedings of the former shareholders of Yukos to Russia, and made the decision on removal of arrest from accounts. This is stated in the court decision referenced by “RIA Novosti”.

In addition, the court rejected the company Hulley Enterprises Limited in damages and sentenced her to repay court costs. According to the Agency, representatives of Hulley has appealed to the court of appeal of Paris to appeal the decision.

In July 2014 the arbitral Tribunal in the Hague upheld the claim of former shareholders of YUKOS to Russia, and ordered her to pay the plaintiffs $50 billion After that in a number of countries have submitted claims about collecting of funds from Russia and the arrest of state property.

In June 2015, the requirement operated by members Hulley Enterprises Ltd French bailiff blocked funds on the accounts of the French mission MIA “Russia today”. The Agency appealed this decision in court, so the assets remained frozen.

In February 2016, the former majority shareholders of Yukos for the first time revealed specific Russian assets arrested in France for debt, which they estimate at €1 billion.

In addition to money stored in the account in the French “daughter” VTB in the interests of the MIA “Russia today” and the FSUE “Goszagransobstvennost” (operates the Russian state property abroad), among the frozen assets were the debt of the French satellite operator Eutelsat in front of FSUE “Space communications” and the shares of Eutelsat (3%) belonging to the “Space communication”.

Earlier it was reported that in France in the “case of Yukos” were arrested payments French companies Arianespace, Eutelsat and Air France due to their Russian counterparts.