Mars will recommend to use of its products once a week

The maker of the popular Dolmio sauces and Uncle Ben’s — Mars Food — will divide its products into two types: one she recommends to use daily, the other only on occasion. According to The sun, so the company goes towards the program of the British government on the care about healthy eating citizens.

The recommendation to eat some food brands, Dolmio and Uncle Ben’s once a week are part of the Mars Food in promotion of a healthy diet.

The company reduces the amount of sugar and salt in some products, and increases the use of whole grains. Those goods, to preserve the “original” flavor which requires high content of salt and sugar are recommended for consumption in moderation.

President Mars Food Fiona Dawson said that the company has developed a “very high” standards for its food products after appropriate recommendations had been received from governments and the world health organization.

“We want our consumers to understand the difference between the products “every day” and those that should be consumed as part of a balanced diet,” said Dawson.

Earlier, the Chancellor of the exchequer of the UK George Osborne announced the introduction of a tax on sugar, which, in his opinion, will contribute to the fight against childhood obesity.

In March this year, the vodka producer Stolichnaya announced the production of gluten-free vodka. The reason for this was the increased attention of Americans to their health and gaining popularity of gluten-free diet.