Russia won a second victory of the day for arrested assets in France

The Paris court on Friday lifted the arrest from monies owed to the Russian state satellite communications operator satellite communications company from the French company Eutelsat. This was reported by a French lawyer Frederic White, representing the interests of FSUE “Space communications”. Means that Eutelsat must pay the Russian company for the use of his companions were arrested on the request of former majority shareholders of YUKOS.

Earlier it was reported that under arrest are $400 million debt Eutelsat before the “Cosmic connection”.

This is at least the third victory for the Russian state structures in France this week in the fight against Yukos shareholders.

On Tuesday, the French court lifted the arrest from similar payments owed to the state Corporation “Roscosmos” from the French company Arianespace for the supply of carrier rockets “Soyuz”. Friday was filmed the arrest from the accounts of MIA “Russia today”.

Today we expect some more action on arrest of Russian assets in France in the “case of Yukos”.