Telegram for the first time blocked the channels with pirated content

The messenger of Pavel Durov Telegram for the first time blocked the channels of content distribution because of copyright infringement. When you try to open a dialog with torrent KinoFilm Kinoxa TV and on mobile devices with operating system (OS) iOS-the service notifies the user that “this channel is unavailable due to copyright infringement”. At the same time on Android devices and in the desktop version of Telegram both channels — KinoFilm (more than 2.3 million subscribers) and Kinoxa (about 500 subscribers) — are still available, they can find links to download movies.

Rights holders have long been of any claim to the channel KinoFilm, said Alexei Byrdin, CEO of the Association “Internet video”, uniting the largest online cinemas of Runet (, MEGOGO, TVZavr, Amediateka, etc.). According to Byrdina, channel blocking, he sought at least six weeks. In early April, the head of the Association “Internet video” was notified about the copyright infringement legal departments of Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox and regularly sent personal complaints to the technical support Telegram.

Byrdin hopes that soon the example of Apple, which “joined the struggle for the purification of messenger Durov from pirated content”, and will be followed by Google, which owns Android. In Roskomnadzor on April 12 hosted a meeting of holders with Advisor Google copyright by John Caleb Donaldson, reminded the head of the Association “Internet video”. According to him, it was including about the need to lock channels with pirated content in the Telegram. On Apple devices remain available channel NewFilm and chat-bot blocked forever torrent tracker RuTracker, also handing out links to download movies, notes Byrdin.

The channels and the chat-bots in the Telegram are: to receive messages from the channels, the user needs to subscribe to them, and the bots send messages in response to commands (requests) of the user. In addition, the channels shows the number of subscribers, and the audience of bots remains unknown to the copyright holders.

The General Director of Association for protection of rights on the Internet (ISAPI) Maxim Rabuka, also representing the interests of rights holders, has previously reported that the organization is negotiating with representatives of the Telegram about blocking the chat-bot online library Flibusta (portal April 12, was forever blocked by the decision of Moscow city court. —). Administration messenger initially ignored the letter, ASAPI and “out on bond” only after the Association has asked for intervention from app stores App Store and Google Play, said Rabuka. Now, according to him, the developers of Telegram are ASAPI with the mailbox on the Gmail service, is presented as a “command Telegram” and asking the agreements evidencing the copyright of the content.

The lock on Apple devices in the Telegram has already undergone two chat-bot, handing out links to download music — vkmusic_bot and MusicCatalogBot. The first was “banned” by the administration of the messenger in December of 2015. Portal TJournal brought clarification of support service Telegram, which they gave to the Creator of the channel: “Your bot has been blocked because of complaints from Apple for copyright infringement. As you know, our app is in the App store, and they have pretty strict rules about publicly available content, are protected by copyright. The complaints that they receive from copyright owners, have been transmitted to us, so here we have no choice but to obey and to block your bot”.

The messenger Telegram, in 2013 launched the founder and former CEO of the largest Russian social network “Vkontakte” Pavel Durov. In February 2016, the service announced that the number of active users has reached 100 million per month.