The building of Rossotrudnichestvo in Kiev threw smoke bombs and flares

Unknown persons threw smoke bombs and flares the building of the centre of Rossotrudnichestvo in Kiev. About the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” reported the press service of the Russian Embassy.

“About 15 people held a protest action near the building of Rossotrudnichestvo. They brought tires, threw the center smoke bombs and flares”, — said the interlocutor of the Agency.

According to him, the activists do not have time to burn tires. During the campaign no one was hurt. According to the Embassy, the event was held in support of Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko, who is currently serving a sentence in Russia.

The correspondent of the Ukrainian newspaper “the Nation” reports that the attackers were 12 people, all of them held placards with inscriptions including, “Freedom Hope Savchenko”. According to the publication, the radicals “on the pavement was written in black ink — “Death to Russia” “.

The representative of Rossotrudnichestvo Konstantin Vorobev has told “the Country” that at the time of the attack at the scene there were about 30 employees of the Ministry. According to him, the attackers were shielded by a metal door building yard.

“This was done so that our employees could not leave him. Then started throwing smoke bombs. They were shouting in megaphones all sorts of bad things. We immediately called the police who came very quickly,” — says Vorobyev.

He also believes that the action was planned. In his words, “after the assailants fled, on the spot there were some people and began to photograph the traces of state of emergency. Most likely, to report about the done work”.