The day of the murder Nemtsov in his house was disconnected a surveillance camera

In the case of the murder of Boris Nemtsov, no recording from multiple cameras. According to the interlocutor familiar with a course of investigation, in materials not shooting with the camera mounted at the entrance to the house where he lived the opposition.

According to the source , in total there were more than a terabyte of filming, but this record is not. The interlocutor noted that on 27 February at the house Nemtsov, according to the result, had to be alleged killer Zaur Dadayev, who watched the movements of policy. If the version of the RCDS is true, Dadaev was bound to get into the camera lens, but check it out now will fail, the source said.

This information was confirmed by another source close to the investigation team. He also said that in the materials there and write the actual murder. The Federal security service at the request of the investigators replied that her camera is not aimed at the bridge. Thus, in Nemtsov shot only captured on the security tape, which aired the TVC channel, but it is extremely low quality, the source noted. “So, in the center of Moscow is protected, accessible though with a grenade launcher, and no one will notice”, — said the interlocutor

Previously the FSO replied to the inquiry of state Duma Deputy Dmitry Gudkov, aimed at the request of the counsel for the relatives of Boris Nemtsov Vadim Prokhorov. In the document, which is available to , stated that the territory of Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge, where he was killed by the opposition, is not protected object. In this regard, the FSO “does not have a recording of CCTV cameras, which recorded the time of the crime”. The response also noted that the Investigation Committee had made the seizure “videos from the surveillance cameras FSO of Russia for the period from 00:01 on 27 February at 02:00 on 28 February 2015” (Nemtsov was killed in that period of time).

According to “Rosbalt”, in the case also there is no entry with surveillance cameras at home, where he lived officer of a battalion of Internal troops “the North” Ruslan Eremeev that the protection of children Nemtsov calls the organizer of the assassination. The source of “Rosbalt” familiar with the investigation, said that the TFR seized records from cameras installed on the entrances of two houses on the street Fan.

26 February 2015 “there has been higher activity”: in the cameras were all involved in the case. The source said that records for February 27 in fact, no, there are only films for 28 February. “The lack of records from February 27, in fact, not explained,” — said the source of “Rosbalt”. The source said that most of records together with the defendants in the case there is Arthur Eremeev, brother Ruslan Eremeev, but during the investigation he is almost ignored.

The source of “Rosbalt” emphasized that the record includes testimony of a housekeeper Zarema, who said that among the people living in the apartments in Fan street, “the leader was Ruslan Eremeev, almost flush with it was Zaur Dadaev”. He muhudinov, whom the investigation considers organizatorom murder, was in status just above the housekeeper, told Zarema in the interrogation. “Money didn’t pay him anything, sometimes he even took money from Zarema,” — said the interlocutor of the edition.

Boris Nemtsov was killed late at night on 27 February 2015 at the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge in Moscow. The direct executors investigators believe six people. Five of them were detained — this Zaur Dadaev, Anzor Gubashev, Bakhaev, Khamzat, Shadid, Gubashev and Temirlan Eskerkhanov, and sixth, the fighter of a battalion “the North” the Ministry of internal Affairs of Chechnya Ruslan muhudinov, was charged in absentia. The organizer in TFR called Ruslan Muhudinov.