The experts considered the symbolic reduction of Russian forces in Syria

The expert of the analytical company IHS called the reduction of Russian forces in Syria is symbolic. “The Russian military presence in Syria remains as significant as it was them at the end of 2015,” said Reuters editor European destinations authoritative Jane’s Defence Weekly Nick de Larrinaga.

According to the expert, Russian attack helicopters to a much greater extent are in the thick of things than in the past this concerned aircraft. “We’ve never seen before, to the Russian ground attack aircraft operated at such low altitudes,” said de Larringa.

According to analysts IHS Jane’s, satellite imagery-oriented, Russia is now using in Syria more than 30 helicopters, including eight attack helicopters Mi-28N “Night hunter” and Ka-52 “alligator” placed on the air Shirt to the South-East of the city of HOMS.

Research fellow at the Royal United services Institute for defence studies Justin Bronk told that in early February at the airbase Hamim from the satellite it was possible to distinguish 29 aircraft and the helicopters, and now there 22 aircraft and 14 helicopters. He confirmed that the attack aircraft were withdrawn.

According to Bronk, the replacement aircraft, helicopters linked to the changing needs of the Syrian army. “They don’t actively bombing the besieged city, trying to dislodge rebels from there,” he said, explaining that “instead, they support fighting a more mobile, agile style”.

Reuters, which analyzed the traffic records that are in the public domain, came to the conclusion that the level of supply at the airbase Hamim remained at the same level after 14 March, when the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced the reduction of military operativ Syria and the withdrawal of the main forces.

The Agency notes that the Russian cargo plane Il-76 with registration number RA-OEM no. is 78830 flies to Syria twice a month since December, and its last flight to Latakia, according to the site took place on 9-10 April.

Colonel Russian air force, the name which the Agency does not name, told Reuters that the Il-76 with loading capacity of 50 tons were used to transport to Syria heavy weapons, including helicopters, to compensate for the reduction in the fleet. “We brought a few planes and helicopters added. We don’t need a massive bombing campaign during the truce,” — said the Agency interlocutor, adding that “helicopters fly lower and with better view of the territory.”

Reuters writes that the Russian defense Ministry has not responded to letters of inquiry sent to him in the preparation of the material.

At the end of March, analyst firm Stratfor has published information that Russia throws in Syria new equipment, including attack helicopters Mi-28 and Ka-52. Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov said in this regard that in addition to the decision to withdraw the contingent “it was decided that a temporary home in Hamima and Tartus remain and security”.

On 31 March the Ministry of defence published a video of the attacks of the Mi-28N in the area of Palmyra. April 12, in the area of HOMS has suffered accident the car of this brand, resulting in her crew perished. In the message the Ministry of defense was excluded fire from the enemy, and the source TASS in SCD called the cause of the crash was the pilots error.