The Kremlin commented on the searches in the companies of the ONEXIM group

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on last Thursday’s searches and stated that they do not have any information about the problem. “While we believe that no explanation about the reason for the search nor from law enforcement bodies, nor by the holding company no,” he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

However, he rejected a possible link between the searches in the companies of the group and the editorial policy of the media holding , which is among the assets of ONEXIM. “It is absolutely inappropriate to link any of the investigative actions that take place within the holding, with the editorial activity of the holding , especially to link it somehow with the Kremlin,” Peskov said.

He also noted that President Vladimir Putin recently met with Mikhail Prokhorov. While in the near future such a meeting is not planned, he said.

To the question whether the Kremlin about possible negotiations of the sale , the President’s press Secretary noted that we are talking about private, not public companies. “It is a question not concerning the Kremlin,” he said. The main thing is that in the case of transactions it was carried out within the law, Peskov added.

“Of course, cannot go and speeches and in no way correspond to the reality any allegations that any pressure may be on editorial policy . I think quite confirm the absolute inconsistency of these rumors to reality,” — said Peskov.

As reported earlier, on Thursday in the main office of the group of companies ONEKSIM and “Renaissance Capital”, “Renaissance Credit”, insurance company “Consent”, power company “Quadra-power generation” IFC and the Bank were searched. These events were attended by the FSB and tax authorities, said one of the sources .

The office of the insurance company “Consent” came armed men in civilian clothes, who introduced themselves as Federal officers, told two employees of the insurance company. According to interlocutors of “Consent”, people in plain clothes also came to the offices of banks “the Renaissance the Credit” and “Renaissance Capital”. Operational activities in “Quadra” was conducted by the FSB and tax authorities, said the Director of Department of target communications “Kvadra” Boris Zverev. Reuters citing a source reported that only in the investigation was attended by 200 members of the security services and tax. Everything looked “seriously, this mini-military operation, came in each company, besides,” wrote “Kommersant”, citing a source close to the group.

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Representatives of the FSB and the interior Ministry on Thursday did not provide comments, representatives of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) did not respond to calls. The representative of the Federal tax service reported that has no information about the scan. The representative of ONEXIM confirmed that the audits in the group companies with the tax authorities and stressed that the group is ready to provide the authorities with all necessary information and to provide the necessary assistance. “ONEXIM group operates in strict compliance with the Russian legislation”, — he stressed.

The TV channel “Rain” with reference to two sources in reported on Thursday that searches in Oneksima may be associated with pressure on Mikhail Prokhorov with a view to forcing him to sell the media holding. Reuters, citing two sources close to the business Mikhail Prokhorov, also said that the searches could be linked to .

“Kommersant” wrote that his sources, including with reference to informal discussions with the FSB, is named as the main reasons for the searches . Some sources considered the incident an attempt to influence the editorial policy of the media and other sources “said they wanted to bring down the cost of the media holding in an ostensibly recently launched negotiations about its sale,” wrote the newspaper. Citing sources, the publication reported that consultation on sale recently been taken with “National media group”. At the same time, the newspaper noted that two sources in the group denied the fact of negotiations, and CEO of MWF Olga pascin not answered the question.

That searches in the structures of ONEXIM may be associated with independent position , also wrote “Vedomosti” with reference to familiar with Prokhorov businessman on the Forbes list. At the same time, two other businessman, familiar with Prokhorov, told the newspaper that they did not notice that above him were dark clouds in connection with his media assets. The newspaper’s source close to the leadership of the media holding, said that there is no reason to assume that operational activities in the structures of ONEXIM will in any way associated with the activities . The representative declined to comment.