The new head of VEB invited nick Vujcic to boost the morale of the team

Wednesday, April 13, SKOLKOVO held a meeting with Chairman of Vnesheconombank Sergey Gor with the team, which was attended by all managers of the Corporation, ranging from Deputy heads of departments. This was stated by several participants of the meeting.

As noted by one of the interlocutors , a meeting devoted to the results of the first month of VEB under new management, was “positive”. “It was not a production meeting. Rather, team building, motivational event — about the relationship of people,” he shared.

The opening act was playing live music — there were songs on the theme of change: “We wait for changes” Victor Tsoy and “Wind of change” from the movie “Mary Poppins, goodbye”. Was shown the video, which starred VEB’s employees, illustrating the practice of the “old” VEB — prevailing in the bureaucracy, closed offices, “feudal fragmentation”. The film talked about the fact that VEB’s employees communicate with each other not in person but through numerous “papers”. So, the video shows how a young man had to urgently solve the problem, can anyone to reach.

At the end of the film Gorkov with the song “We are waiting for change” came on stage and spoke about the need to change corporate culture, developing KPI for employees, which had in the beginning was not.

Gorkov said that for the first month of work “were able to extinguish the fire.” He meant that with a little help from the state budget, VEB will not violate covenants on its external debt. This year the budget will list the VEB 150 billion rubles, including 75 billion has come in the first quarter.

The new head of VEB reminded that it is necessary to change the business model, including due to the fact that sanctions do not give the VEB to borrow abroad. Indicated that the Corporation’s development strategy and organizational structure changes will be ready by July and submitted to the Supervisory Board. What is the year, you need to develop for several months, said the head of VEB.

To address the meeting Gorkov invited the world famous Australian motivator, writer and singer nick Vujcic that, as noted by one of the interlocutors , “raise the morale” of the team. However, the flight Vujcic was delayed for 1.5 hours, at this time, Gorkov answered employees ‘ questions.

So, Gorkov lamented that little money on IT equipment, and technology the Corporation is at the level of the nineties. He said that the first test of the staff at VEB has shown that employees have a high IQ, but “low motivation to change”, i.e. low willingness to change something in my life.

On the question of future reductions of Gorkov said that the change of work need to be mentally prepared for all employees, including himself, that there is nothing to worry. Earlier, the Chairman of Vnesheconombank said that it is possible to reduce up to 20% of the staff. “Staffing the Corporation employs 2,200 people in the departments which perform support functions, you can fire up to 400 people,” — quoted Gorky’s newspaper “Vedomosti”.

As told a source in VEB and was confirmed by another officer of the Corporation, in April—may fall under reduction providing support divisions: analysts, PR people (mainly those who are engaged in sponsorship and charity projects), professionals for settlement services, as well as employees who were engaged in small and medium enterprises and affiliated banks.

In the end, was made by Nick Vujcic. The famous motivator, which has no hands and feet, a standing ovation. Vujičić told about how many years did not see sense in life, tried to kill herself, was offended at God. About how eventually he found his calling: travelling the world playing football. About how he was raised by parents. For example, made vacuuming apartment, even though he has no arms: the little nick had to hold the handle of the vacuum the chin. Or when he asked the parents a new toy, they told him: earn it.

“It is important not even the fact that Vujcic said, and then, as he said, — says an employee of the Bank. — His statement is very timely. People are on edge, on pins and needles. Don’t know, fire them or not. Because almost half of the employees worked in the VEB 15-20 years, and another life don’t know no idea how they will enter the labour market. Someone, I’m sure he just lit”. In any case, continues the source , before the staff of VEB daunting tasks, they must be addressed.