The richest official of the administration of the President Vyacheslav Volodin

Most of last year in the presidential administration earned first Deputy head of the Department Vyacheslav Volodin (87,1 million rubles) and the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov (36,7 mln rubles), follows from the Declaration on incomes for 2015, published on the Kremlin website.

In third place is the representative of the President in the Federation Council Alexey Muravyev (36,3 million rubles), security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev (33.7 million rubles) and assistant to the President Igor Levitin (33.1 mln rubles).

The richest family in the administration became the couple Dmitry Peskov and Tatiana skill sets. Their joint income is 125,7 million rubles, and a significant part in the family budget made Navka (89 million rubles). Owned by Peskov three apartments (area of 111,7 sq. m., 112,5 sq. m. and 55.3 sq. m.) and half of the Parking spaces (12,6 sq. m.).

In the use of press Secretary are also two plots of land (with an area of 7967 sq. m. and 1406) and a house (779,2 sq m). Sands goes on the car “Toyota land cruiser 200”. Navka owns two land plots and house, the area of which coincides with the area of the property used by the Sands. It also owns four apartments (total area 180,4 sq. m. 108,4 sq. m to 78.8 sq. m and 126 sq. m.; last the apartment is located in the US) and cars (20,8 sq.m).

In the Declaration, the President’s press Secretary last year, when Sands still married Navoi, listed apartment in Russia with an area of 111,7, Parking space with an area of 12.6 sq m and the car “Mercedes Benz G500”. Another apartment of 140 sqm included in the disposal. Peskov income for 2014 LVH was 9 184 358 RUB.

In addition, the son and daughter of Putin’s press-Secretary in 2014 was decorated by one third of the share of ownership of the apartment area of 140 sq. m. Sands married Tatiana Navka August 1, 2015. Prior to that, she was not required to disclose their assets.

After Tatiana grooves of the richest wife of the officials of the presidential administration became the wife of Konstantin Chuychenko. She indicated income in the amount of 23,5 million rubles.

Representatives of the President in Federal districts most in 2015 earned the presidential envoy in the North Caucasian Federal district Sergey Melikov. He indicated an income of nearly 33 million RUB His colleague on the Siberian district Nikolai Rogozhkin – 9,1 million roubles, His wife indicated as income even 4,3 mln Other representatives of the President in Federal districts, Vladimir Ustinov and Igor Kholmanskikh indicated 11 million and 7.4 million rubles rubles, respectively. The representative of the President in the state Duma Harry Minh has earned 8.1 million rubles.

Vladimir Putin for 2015 earned 8 891 777 rubles In 2014, the income of the President amounted to 7.6 million rubles, and in 2013 – 3.6 million rubles In the ownership remained with the GAZ M21, GAZ M-21 and “field” and the trailer “the Scythian”. Putin still owns the land plot (1.5 square meters), the apartment (77 sqm) and a garage (18 sqm). The Russian leader declared the GAZ-M21, GAZ-M21, “Niva” and car trailer “SKIF”.

The head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov declared in 2015 the income of 10.3 million rbl. Is less, than last year: then he indicated the income of 16.2 million rubles His wife declared 2.8 million rubles.
Deputy Ivanov Alexey Gromov earned 8.2 million RUB Other Deputy heads of administration Anton Vaino and Magomed Magomedov declared 10.1 million rubles million rubles and 7.4, respectively.

The presidential aides Andrei Belousov and Igor Kozhin earned in 2015 to 7 million rubles and 14.5 million rubles respectively. Another assistant of the head of state, Vyacheslav Surkov declared 8.4 million rubles, his wife indicated income in the amount of 9 million rubles Yuri Ushakov has earned 7.6 million rubles, Andrew Fursenko – 10.7 million rubles, Yevgeny Shkolov – 8.3 million rubles, Igor Shchegolev — 7 million rbl. the Head of Department of the President Larissa Brycheva indicated in the Declaration of 7.7 million rubles.