The Russians will be allowed to remotely access a Bank account

In the next few months in Russia may be adopted a law by which banks will be able to identify customers using digital signature, allowing the Russians to open accounts and deposits without a personal visit to the Bank generally and will greatly simplify the lives of users of banking services, according to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” with reference to the head of Association of regional banks of Russia (ARB) and the Duma Committee on economic policy, innovative development and entrepreneurship Anatoly Aksakov.

“Now we are working to simplify the identification of individuals who including to open Bank accounts and operate them with the use of payment cards. Want to achieve the possibility of remote identification of citizens without paper support this procedure,” — said Aksakov, speaking at the international conference “Bank cards: practice and transformation” (quoted by “the Russian newspaper”).

According to the head of the ARB, the work is already nearing completion and amendments to legislation could be introduced before the end of 2016.

Director of Department of retail products VTB Ivan Pyatkov said that the adoption of the law on the identification of remote clients this is a positive step for the development of banking services. “And to banks and customers are equally profitable, if the number of steps you must do to take advantage of any financial product or service, is reduced to a minimum”, — said the banker.

As said the banker from the Bank of the top 15, the process of introducing remote authentication will not be fast, since such a maneuver requires an electronic signature, which many now no. If, however, remote authentication will become popular among clients, it will make life easier for bankers and users of banking services.

Vice President, Director of passive, insurance and investment products of the Bank “BKM Opening” Vadim Pogosyan believes that the service of remote identification will be demanded by customers of banks. “We see that remote banking channels evolve, a growing number of people use the Internet and mobile Bank. For them, the new technology will be a welcome addition,” he says. According to the banker, the introduction of remote identification of customers will increase banking risks. “We still will not open accounts and deposits right-to-left. Clients will undergo a comprehensive review, similar to how it happens in our offices. That’s exactly right,” said the banker.

As the independent expert says Timur aitov, a special novelty in this initiative no, it has been discussed for a long time. However, the people of electronic signatures is not, so there is unlikely to be a large influx of people wishing to open accounts and Deposit remotely. “The more people often do not trust new technologies,” added aitov.