IFC explained the searches of his office by the former shareholders of Tavricheskiy

Seizure of documents and inspection of premises of the Bank, IFC Mikhail Prokhorov is not associated with the ongoing activities of the Bank, said in a statement published on the website of IFC. Investigative actions were carried out according to the decision of the FSB and have been associated with the criminal case against the ex-shareholders of the Bank “Tavricheskiy”, which is on rehabilitation of the IFC, the Bank says.

“The episodes mentioned in this regulation refer to the criminal case brought against former shareholders of the Bank “Tavrichesky”: S. Somov, Dmitry Garkusha and affiliated A. Sabadash”, — underlined in the message.

IFC notes that these episodes affect activity of Bank “Taurian” “in the period from June to December 2013, i.e. during the period when the Bank “Tavrichesky” was owned by its former shareholders.”

“Thus, these episodes have no relation to the Bank, IFC, who was appointed by sanator Bank “Tavrichesky” in March 2015,” — emphasizes the IFC.

IFC Bank was one of the structures of ONEXIM group, where on Thursday, April 14, were searched. In addition to IFC investigative actions had been carried out at the main office of the group of companies ONEXIM on Tverskoy Boulevard, in “Renaissance Capital”, “Renaissance Credit”, insurance company “Soglasie” and energy company “Quadra-power generation”. Operational activities in the office of the media holding , whose shareholder is ONEXIM group, was not.

The media has put forward several versions of the reasons of searches in the companies ONEKSIM. Source of “Interfax” declared that the reason for investigation was the tax evasion, familiar Prokhorov told “Vedomosti” that the reason “the Quadra”, the TV channel “Rain” with reference to close to sources, had reported that Prokhorov trying to sell the holding company, “Kommersant” with reference to sources reported that the purpose of the searches could be an attempt to influence editorial policy . Thus a press-the Secretary of the President of Dmitry Esakov, commenting on the searches in ONEXIM, said that “absolutely inappropriate” to link investigative actions with the editorial activity of the holding .

The FSB, in turn, on April 15, reported that searches at the companies of the ONEXIM group, which are associated with the criminal case of Bank “Taurian”. According to intelligence agencies, when checking received information “about violations of tax legislation” “a number of commercial structures”.

In February 2015 the Bank “Tavricheskiy”, which now occupies the 74th place by assets (90,5 billion rubles), has ceased to make payments, then the Central Bank imposed an interim administration there. A month later “Tavrichesky” was given to the sanation Bank IFC Mikhail Prokhorov.

In September 2015 in St. Petersburg have detained former heads of “Taurida” Sergey Somov and Dmitry Garkusha. As reported the source of “Interfax”, they are suspected of involvement in the illegal withdrawal abroad $6 million.