Peskov told about the preparation of Putin’s “Direct line”

Press Secretary of the President of Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with NTV about how Vladimir Putin was preparing for held on April 14, “Direct line”. According to Peskov, the President before communicating with citizens personally working “with an array of issues” and calls their Ministers.

“Thus he makes such a complete update, a full update of the stock of knowledge about what is currently happening in the country”, — said the press Secretary of the President. Peskov also noted that “never saw any issues or heard of issues, which would be President.”

“Actually he’s always preparing for sensitive issues, so he always tries to seek out crisis, it is on them to answer,” — said Peskov. The President’s press Secretary also stressed that Putin always insisted that sounded as many questions, “the maximum cut of those affected”.

“Direct line with Vladimir Putin” was held on 14 April in the 14 th time. During the event, the President answered more than 80 questions. Them, including those that were affected by the problem of housing and communal services, condition of roads, non-payment of wages, and also issues of foreign policy. The program lasted 3 hours and 50 minutes. Sands reported that by the end of the “Straight line” the President had received a total of 2 million 826 thousand applications.