Putin told Kudrin arranged about the form of cooperation

President Vladimir Putin said they found a form of cooperation with the former Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin suits both parties.

“He is very good specialist, a brilliant expert. And if he wants to contribute to solving the problems facing the country, why not? He wants to now. And here is a form which we have found, its participation in collaboration, it suits him. Think of us too”, — Putin said in an interview in the program “Vesti on Saturday” (quoted by RIA Novosti).

Putin also added that he never lost contact with Kudrin. “Well, you know, because I never lost contact with him, with Mr Kudrin. We are in friendly relations always were,” the President said.

In addition, Putin believes that the current government “very worthily bears the burden of responsibility, doing your duty professionally”.

During the direct line on April 14, President Putin confirmed that Kudrin will actively work in the expert Council under the President. “And effectively working structures, can be and Center of strategic research, it will focus on issues associated with the development strategy for the period after 2018,” said Putin.

Earlier sources said that Alexey Kudrin is going to write a new economic program for the President and claim the presidency of the Center for strategic research — the main “brain center” of the beginning of 2000-ies. Himself Kudrin confirmed on April 12 that it is considering “a proposal to session one of the leadership positions”. “This is a job for the state, but the other forecasts is an exaggeration,” said Kudrin.