Reported: of the officials who became rich and who became poor in 2015

The administration of President

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin earned 8,89 million rubles for 2015 are as follows from the Declaration of the head of state. In comparison with previous year its income rose by 1.2 mln. As in past years, the President pointed out in the Declaration on property, three cars (two Volga and a Niva) and the trailer “the Scythian”. Putin still owns the land plot (1.5 square meters), the apartment (77 sqm) and a garage (18 sq m).

In 2015 the aggregate income of the employees of the presidential administration and members of their families (including the President) amounted to 1.12 billion rubles — slightly more than in 2014 (1,08 billion).

The richest official in the administration of the income 87,1 million rbl. became the first Deputy head Vyacheslav Volodin. He also showed the biggest increase in revenue among colleagues is 38.5%. The vehicle, as in previous years, Volodin in the Declaration is not indicated.

The bulk of the funds from the Declaration Volodina is an income on deposits and securities, said the source in its environment. In 2015, interest rate of banks on deposits were higher than a year earlier, says the source, therefore, the income Volodina increased. Last year 40 million rubles he spent on charity. According to the source, until 2007 Volodin owned a stake in the holding “Solar products”, and the journal “Finance” put him in the top billionaires on 351 place.

The richest family in the presidential administration — with revenue procedure is 125.8 million rubles — became Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov and his wife, Olympic champion Tatiana Navka. Funds skater (89 million rbl.) — the largest among the income of these spouses of members of the administration. Sands earned himself 36,7 mln. This figure is significantly larger than those declared a year ago (9,2 million rbl.). In addition, the property Peskov appeared flat 112,5 sq. m and half from the apartment in 55.3 square meters, two plots of land (with an area of 7967 and 1406 sq m) and residential building (779,2 sq m). With the Mercedes-Benz G500 Sands moved to Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Owned by same skill sets several cars — Mercedes CL 63 AMG, Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG, Lexus RX350, and Yamaha ATV.

Peskov did not comment on changes in its Declaration.

The government

The total income of the head of government of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in 2015, according to the Declaration amounted to 8,767 million rubles, which is 716 thousand rubles more than the year before. As in 2014, Prime Minister owns domestic cars and GAS -20 GAS-21, and his wife, the Volkswagen Golf. The head of the government leases of 49 years the land plot of 4,7 thousand in sq. m and owns the apartment of 367,8 sq. m.

The total revenues of the government members and their families in 2015, increased to 2 billion rubles (previous year — 1.6 billion rubles).

The richest member of the government in 2015 was the Minister for open government Mikhail Abyzov, his income amounted to 455,6 million rubles While it had increased almost twice (the year before the Minister earned about 222 million rubles). In property in Russia in his apartment 135,40 sq. m. And in use — two parcels, two homes, two apartments and a room in a country house in Italy to 335 sq. m. His wife owns and uses real estate with the same size as that of the husband. But besides that, rents an apartment in 341 sqm, garage 42 sqm and owns a dwelling house at 211 sq m in the UK and takes office in Russia 35.8 sq. m. the Minister has the Mercedes-Benz S500, two trailers, four Harley-Davidson, two Ducati, Yamaha, and a helicopter Robinson 44 Clipper II and the Yamaha. My wife Abyzov owned four cars — two Land Rover Range Rover, Porsche Panamera and Lexus LS 460.

Abyzov was appointed Minister in may 2012. He joined the civil service from business. In particular, he owned shares in the energy company IES-holding. In the latest Forbes rating of “200 richest businessmen of Russia” for the year 2016 Abyzov occupies the 133rd spot with the assessment of the $600 million.

“All assets transferred to the trust management in accordance with the requirement of the Russian legislation. Therefore, the income derived out of profits from the sale of securities, obligations and property, as well as the profits from asset management,” reported the comment of the Minister of his representative. According to her, the size of tax payments to the budget from income received Minister amounted to more than 50 million rubles, his entire salary is transferred to charity funds.

Most of all, seven times, revenue rose Alexander Tkachev: with 7.4 million rbl. on a post of the Governor of Krasnodar territory to 56.5 million rubles as Minister of agriculture in 2015. Primarily due to the growth of its personal income. If in 2014 he declared only 2.2 million RUR, being the Minister of agriculture — 50,5 mln revenue Tkachev in 2015 is associated with inheritance due to the death of his father, explained the representative of the press service of the Ministry of agriculture.

The highest income of the spouses of members of the government — the wife of Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. Zumrud Rustamova earned in 2015 141,3 mln, whereas her husband is only 7 million rubles. Income Rustamova, Deputy General Director of “Polymetal”, has grown strongly over the year, in 2014, its earnings amounted to 57 million rubles.

Deputies and senators

State Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin indicated in the Declaration of personal income in RUR 9 million is 1.2 million rubles more than in 2014. But the income of the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matancilla decreased: if in 2014 she earned 160,3 mln., then in 2015, slightly more than 21 million However, in 2014 such a high income of speaker of the Federation Council were bound, according to her, with the sale of apartments and Parking places in Moscow for 152,6 million rubles, and in 2015 Matvienko did not sell.

The richest man in Parliament last year — the Senator from Kamchatka region Valery the Sexton, he declared more than 1 billion rubles According to the Declaration, the Senator is the owner of two apartments in Russia — 360 sq. m and 175 sq. m. It also owns several cars: Bentley Arnage R, GAZ-21, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Ferrari F430. Ponomarev from 1991 to 2011 was responsible for the company “Sign”, which produces license plates for cars. In addition, Forbes magazine calls him a shareholder of the Bank credit, as well as the co-owner of one of the largest fishing enterprises of the Kamchatka — “Okeanrybflot”.

In olysha Gosdume all in 2015 earned the United Russia Leonid Simanovsky, increased income for the year in 2,5 times — to 907,6 million roubles the Deputy has expanded its fleet: already existing Mercedes-Benz S500 4M was added Mercedes-Benz S500. In addition, acquired Buster boat and trailer. The representative Simanovsky said it would not comment on his Declaration. The Deputy took 87 place in the rating of Forbes “Richest businessmen of Russia” in 2016 with a fortune of $0,95 billion According to the magazine, Simanovsky owns a 1.6% stake in NOVATEK, and its business partner is the richest Russian businessman Leonid Mikhelson (its condition Forbes estimated at $14.4 billion).

Simanovsky shifted from the first place long-time leader of the list of the richest MPs, a colleague in the faction of Gregory Anikeeva, whose income in 2014 amounted to almost 1 billion rubles. Now he is $ 600 mln. Decrease in income of the founder of the Abi Group Anikeeva neither the MP nor his representative has not commented on.

200-fold increase in the income of United Russia party Aleksandr Skorobogatko to 745,2 million rubles In 2016 in Forbes, the Deputy took 40 th place among the richest businessmen of Russia: the state magazine estimates at $2.3 billion According to the magazine, he is co-founder of TPS Real Estate Holding and TPS Avia, which has become in 2016 the owner of almost 70% of the Sheremetyevo airport. To contact a Deputy on Friday night failed.

21 times more to earn a United Russia member Valery Yazev — he declared 446,6 mln revenue Growth he explained the sale in the summer of 2015 controlled by his family “the Ural interregional Bank”.

On the contrary, a sharp drop in personal income showed the Deputy from the Communist party, co-owner of the construction holding company “Leader Group” Alexander Nekrasov — 74 times (to 5.7 million rubles). To explain the reasons for the amendment the Deputy refused.

Almost three times less compared with 2014, the United Russia member Mikhail Slipenchuk, who occupied last year the second place in the list of the richest MPs. In 2015 Slipenchuk were stakes in two small banks — YAR Bank (30,14% after IK “Metropol” and 19,86% directly) and MAB Bank (68%), last year lost their licenses. The Central Bank revoked the license for violation of credit risk assessment, which the regulator is required to form reserves, the amount of claims was so great that the Bank has lost its equity capital. Phone Slipenchuk was not available.