The participants of the meeting in Doha have planned freezing of oil production until October

According to the Minister of energy of Azerbaijan Natig Aliyev, the draft agreement of the countries-manufacturers of oil, which is planned to be signed April 17 in the Qatari capital, Doha, suggests freezing production until October at the level of January 2016.

“The draft agreement is small. It reads as follows: countries who gathered in Doha, came to the conclusion that in order to clean up oil prices they agreed to maintain production until October at the level of January 2016”, — Aliyev said the Agency TASS. That the draft agreement involves freezing production until October, said the sources “RIA Novosti” in the delegations of countries participating in the meeting.

Aliyev in a conversation with TASS also noted that, because Iran, which wants to increase production, is OPEC, the question of increased production by Tehran can be adjusted within the organisation, revising the total quota.

“But not everyone wants to lose its share. If other countries agreed to reduce their prey, there would be a redistribution,” said Aliyev.

Earlier today, the Agency Reuters referring to an informed source said that Iran will not take part in the meeting in Doha. According to the Agency, Tehran has been advised by Qatar that negotiations shall take part only countries agree to freeze production.