The Russian foreign Ministry called the non-serious report of the state Department on arms control

Commenting on the report to Congress “On compliance with the letter and spirit of international treaties and agreements in the field of arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation in 2015,” the Russian foreign Ministry said that Washington “acted as a “mentor” who consider themselves entitled to assess the “performance” of other States”, said in a statement published on the website of the foreign Ministry.

The Russian foreign Ministry pointed out that the state Department “has slipped to spurious allegations”. Their goal in Moscow, called the creation of the reader a negative image of Russia.

“Instead of consistent hard work in the respective format with participation of all interested States to resolve underlying disputes, the US still prefer year after year to repeat with some variations politicized and one-sided appraisal of the implementation of provisions of contracts and agreements in the field of arms control by other States”, – stated in the text of the Russian statement.

On Smolensk square noted that Washington did not take into account Russian concerns about the building by Americans of the production and use of heavy attack drones and tests in the interest ABOUT missiles having characteristics similar to those of ballistic missiles of intermediate and shorter-range missiles.

In addition, the Russian foreign Ministry advised the Americans to share with the UN security Council evidence of the crimes the ISIL and other terrorist groups, who were using Iraqi Kurdistan toxic chemicals.

Also the foreign Ministry of Russia accused the U.S. Department of defense in the multi-annual newsletter of living of anthrax around the world. “This newsletter is not an accident: it was carried out 195 times in 12 countries around the world,” – noted in the statement. It says it will also enhance foreign military biological infrastructure, U.S. Department of defense, including the Russian borders (in particular, the case of laboratories of high level of biological containment in the village Alekseevka near Tbilisi).