Higher officials and members retained their property in the West

State Duma deputies, senators and government members, according to their declarations, the second year not in a hurry to get rid of foreign real estate. Last year from the register of holders of overseas property out four, in six.

Who got rid of

Three parliamentarians of foreign real estate was recorded in the spouses, which this year is declared. Thus, the 224-meter apartment in the U.S. is no longer the family of the Deputy Vladislav Reznik, first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on financial market, Spain announced on the international wanted list through Interpol.

The Deputy, member of “United Russia” Alexander remezkova’s wife recorded: land in Austria with an area of 1211 sq. m and apartment of 76 square meters. Now in the Declaration remezkova are only two plots for selhozlesohimia in Russia.

The wife of the Deputy-the United Russia Bilan Hamchiev had an apartment with an area of 174 sq. m in the UAE and two Parking lots there. Now wife in the Declaration is not, and Hamchiev recorded only on the land area of 2 thousand square meters, some construction in progress on 412 square meters and 30 square meters — share of the flat at his child, all property is in Russia.

Three families of MPs have not broken up and just got rid of real estate.

The wife of the Deputy of the state Duma Anatoly Election last year, was the owner of the land area of 990 square meters and houses 500 square metres in Montenegro. In the new Declaration of overseas property disappeared.

Election sale of land and houses in Montenegro are linked with pre-organized election “United Russia”. “This year I participate in the primaries of “United Russia”, and according to the rules established by the party, to participate only when a property abroad, although the law there is no such restriction,” he said . According to him, the presence or absence of this property is “negligible factor influencing the family’s income: real estate in Montenegro is significantly lower than in Moscow or the Moscow region”.

Member of Council of Federation from the Samara region Sergey Mamedov sold his 89-foot flat in Estonia. “This [sale] with nothing connected. To own it you can continue, but I decided to sell,” he said in a conversation with . According to the Senator, he sold the estate “for more money than you did!” “It was not a good investment, but I’m not lost,” added the politician.

The Senator from the Ivanovo region Vladimir Bochkova no more apartments in Montenegro with an area of 133 sq. m — that year it was owned by his wife, now the couple has no estate.

Who has purchased

The family of state Duma Deputy Sergei Petrov, founder of the car dealerships “Rolf”, on the contrary, purchased a property abroad to his wife in the Declaration has now recorded an area of 7.5 thousand square meters in the United States. The MP was unavailable for comment.

Real estate in the United States appeared in the Declaration, who married last year, the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov is the apartment of Tatiana skill sets area of 126 sq. m. Alexey Navalny reported that they had found grooves house in new Jersey, purchased for $930 thousand

The family of the Minister for open government Mikhail Abyzov received the ownership of property in the UK — the house has an area of 211 sq m recorded for the spouse, Abyzov.

“This is a property of the spouses, and the question of purchase is a personal decision”, — commented on this fact Abyzov.

Residential building similar spaces in the same country is specified in the status “in use” at his son and daughter. In the “use” of the wife and children Abyzov remained flat in the UK area of over 340 sq. m.

Abyzov became the wealthiest member of the government in 2015: it had revenue of $ 455,6 million rubles While it increased almost in two times: the year before the Minister earned about 222 million rubles.

Other government members and parliamentarians who had property abroad, about which wrote earlier, kept it.

Favorite countries

The greatest popularity among public servants are Bulgaria, Spain and Switzerland. In the declarations of Russian politicians in Bulgaria are eight properties with a total area of 642 sq. m — from senators Igor Chernyshenko and Evgeny Alekseev, deputies Mikhail Berulava, Sergei vostrezova, Dmitry Gudkov and Sergei Kuzin, the Minister of labour Maxim Topilin. When you do this, Vostretsov last year told me that put both their apartments in Bulgaria for sale, as “very much wants to stay in the Crimea”, but complained that the apartments in that region now do not buy.

First of all it investments, said the source in the lower house.

Still a popular destination for such investments, is property in Spain. Here are the apartments of deputies Alexander Bryksin, Arkady Ponomarev and family Vladimir Potsyapun, house wives of United Russia Nikolai Valuev, the family of the Deputy Andrei Makarov owns a piece of land with an area of 1.5 thousand square meters and part of the house with an area of 159 sq. m. the Part of the house belongs to the wife of the Minister of education Dmitry Livanov, the house has an area of 927 sq. m. there is the wife of Senator Ahmed Palankov, the house has an area of 313 sq m belongs to the wife of the Deputy Omahana umahanova.

Valuev in the past year, said, commenting on the sale of real estate in Germany that he and his wife “does not want to be associated with abroad”. However, Spanish property spouse do not get rid of. Valuev Sunday did not respond to calls .

The total gross area of Russian politicians in Switzerland — 1.5 thousand sq. m. the country specified in the Declaration of Vice-Premier Olga Golodets, deputies Valery Hartung and Boris Zubitsky, Senator Andrew Klishas.

The U.S. real estate Deputy Petrov, the wife of Dmitry Peskov grooves and Senator Vyacheslav Fetisov covers an area of 27.8 thousand square meters. It is more than the total area of the property of members of the government and parliamentarians in some other countries. The reason for that is the impressive extent of land Senator Vyacheslav Fetisov. In a country where lived the famous hockey player when I was playing in the NHL, he has land area of 20 thousand square meters, apartment area is 220 sq m and 1,200-foot residential building.

The law does not prohibit senators own property abroad, said Fetisov . “It [the estate] does not prevent me from engaging in political activity and to protect the rights of their country, — said the Senator. — My daughter was born in America, friends in this country, 14 years of life there has passed”. Fetisov recalled that declares the property since its purchase.

The second country by the size of the property area is Italy — there declared of 12.3 thousand square meters to all houses have families of senators Vitaly Bogdanov and Aleksandr Verkhovsky, the family also owns a land plot with an area of 2630 sq. m.

In Italy there is a land from the family of Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin — 8224 sq m and a house area of 818 sq. m, Minister for the North Caucasus Lev Kuznetsov, and Deputy Michael Slipenchuk.

Abroad not only to possess financial resources, stocks and bonds, reminds the political scientist and member of the Supreme Council of “United Russia” Dmitry Orlov. However “United Russia” has made the availability of foreign assets, including real estate, one of the filters to participate in intraparty primaries, he recalls, so the MPs estate will become anachronisms. He noted that the property, which the deputies have mostly been acquired before the imposition of sanctions. People who have foreign assets will gradually be washed away, but this process will not be explosive, he said.