Media called the reason for the delay of the Doha negotiations

Source Bloomberg said that the changes that are going to make to the draft agreement, relate to Iran and “did not jeopardize the agreement itself”. In this companion Bloomberg said that the talks will start at 14:00 local time (coincides with Moscow).

That in the negotiations of any problems, and sources tell Reuters. “There is a problem, experts discuss how to find an acceptable solution. I’m sure they’ll find him,” said one of the interlocutors of the Agency. Another source told Reuters that Saudi Arabia wants the negotiations were attended by all members of OPEC, including Iran.

Negotiations were to commence at the Sheraton in Doha at 9:00, but were then postponed. This includes representatives of 17 countries (all members of OPEC except Iran and Libya, as well as Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Oman, Colombia and Mexico). On the eve of the summit, reporters learned that the draft agreement envisages the freezing of oil production until October 1, at the level of January 2016. The agreement also envisages holding of a new meeting devoted to the level of oil production — it is scheduled for October 2016 in Russia.

On the eve of the start of negotiations Tehran has ruled out the possibility of freezing the oil. The Islamic Republic plans to increase production to a level that was prior to the introduction against Iran the international sanctions to 4 million barrels a day (current production of oil in Iran is estimated to be 3.29 million barrels per day). The Saudis, in turn, has repeatedly stressed that will freeze oil only if similar steps taken by Iran.
To delay the start of negotiations in Doha reacted negatively to the Saudi stock exchange — the Tadawul All Share TASI Index this morning fell with 6516 points to 6441 points.