Novak spoke about the unexpected change in the position of a number of OPEC in Doha

A number of OPEC countries before the meeting in Doha, dedicated to the development of agreements about the freezing of oil production, have changed their position, which gave rise to a long discussion. This was told after the meeting, which ended without the signing of the agreement, energy Minister Alexander Novak.

“We have had lengthy discussions today, and this is due to the fact that a number of countries within OPEC that changed this morning, just before the beginning of our meeting, their position and actually suggested that this agreement was executed provided that will participate and all members of OPEC, as well as large exporters outside OPEC, which today was not at the meeting”, — quotes the Minister RIA Novosti.

He added that the new requirements put forward Gulf countries. “This is Saudi Arabia and a number of countries that belong to OPEC, including the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, conventionally, the Gulf countries,” said Novak.

According to him, the agreement was prepared within two months. “Yesterday [Saturday, April 16,] experts of the four countries prepared a corresponding document, it was agreed with experts from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia and Venezuela, and included the freezing of oil at January 2016 in the period up to October this year”, — said the Minister.

Talks about the freezing of the production level began in Doha on Sunday, April 17, and lasted about six hours, but ended without the signing of the agreement. Source Reuters reported that OPEC countries have stated negotiating partners that are not part of the oil cartel that they intend initially to seek a single solution within the organization at the summit, which will take place in June. After that, possible another meeting with representatives of States outside OPEC, including Russia.

The Minister of energy and industry of Qatar Mohammed bin Saleh al sada said after the meeting that negotiators have concluded that they needed more time for discussion. He pointed out that the market situation had improved from the first meeting with the participation of Saudi Arabia, Russia and Venezuela, which took place in mid-February.