Reuters learned of the postponement of the meeting in Doha for Riyadh

Meeting of Ministers of oil-producing countries was supposed to start at 9:00 local time (coincides with Moscow), but at 10:20 had not yet started. As reports Reuters with reference to iconic, the meeting is delayed due to the fact that Saudi Arabia requires to amend the draft agreement to freeze production.

What changes in Riyadh requires to make to the draft agreement, yet to be announced. Earlier, Saudi authorities have repeatedly stressed that will not freeze in the oil if the other oil producers, including Iran, will not undertake the same. However, Tehran does not intend to freeze the level of production until, until it reaches 4 million barrels per day (now – 3,29 million barrels). From participation of the Doha talks the representatives of Iran refused.

Before oil summit, the journalists managed to learn the details of the agreement, which will be discussed in the negotiations. According to one of the meeting participants, Minister of energy of Azerbaijan Natig Aliyev, the subject of discussion will be the freezing of oil production until October 2016 at the October level “to clean up oil prices”.

Reuters, which reviewed the draft document, reported that in the case of an agreement in October at the second meeting on the level of oil production will be held in Russia. If the agreement about freezing of oil is reached, to monitor its implementation could establish a special oversight Committee, reported informed sources Reuters.