The chamber did not like the attachment NWF

The chamber did not like the attachment NWF

Moscow. April 15. For 2014-2015 due to exchange rate differences the national welfare Fund (NWF) increased by 1.8 times up to 5.2 trillion rubles. But the profitability of investing in the accounts of the Central Bank decreased in comparison with 2014: in USD – by 0.4%, the Euro 0.3%, the pound – by 0.9%, according to the monitoring the use of funds of the NWF conducted by the accounts chamber. The profitability of investing this money on rouble deposits in VEB was low – 6,48% with inflation at 12.9%, indicate the auditors.

The audit chamber, “Vedomosti”, and offers to work out the mechanism of investment from the national wealth Fund, as the money is invested inefficiently. For example, on the first of January 2016 from 50 billion rubles, listed on modernization of BAM and Transsib, was used Now only 3.7 billion it has already spent about nine billion rubles., said a person close to RZD, in 2015, the time was spent on the development of rules and requirements for expenditure of funds. Had to change the internal system of control of expenditure and to introduce new requirements to previously concluded contracts with suppliers, he says, the system is streamlined and funds are spent faster.

To 21.7 billion rubles, listed on the construction of the Central ring in 2015 have not been used at all, write auditors. Funds in the account in Gazprombank. At the end of October “Avtodor” allocated 12.6 billion rubles as advance payment of “Crocus international” for the construction of the first starting complex. “Crocus international” has placed the funds in the savings Bank. If the interest on money received by the state company, the money could go to the construction of the Central ring indicate the accounting chamber auditors.

From 1,08 billion rubles allocated by the Russian direct investment FUND for the construction of “smart grids”, have been spent only 33.3% of the estimate of the chamber. Now invested more than 80%, know the person familiar with the review conducted by the accounts chamber, the project is moving on schedule.

The Ministry of Finance, according to his representative, together with the Ministry of economic development is looking for ways to improve the efficiency of use of funds of the NWF.