The police arrested the boss of the Neapolitan mafia

According to the newspaper Corriere della Sera, the police managed to establish the whereabouts of 34-year-old Roberto Me that for many years has disappeared from law enforcement bodies, being the leader of the mafia group “Camorra”, operating in the South of Italy. Law enforcement officers took advantage of the fact that while watching a football match, “Napoli” – “inter” Me decided to order pizza. He opened the door to a policeman, who was dressed in uniform of employee of the shipping service.

Indicates that the Me, which is considered one of the most dangerous criminals in the country, was not armed and did not resist arrest.

Of me wanted including a double murder, which he committed in 2004.

Founded in the middle ages “Camorra” is one of the biggest criminal gangs in Europe. In 2011, the police struck, arresting members of the clan Casalesi, and in 2014 the security forces have detained about 100 members of the Contini clan, involved in numerous crimes in Italy and other European countries.