Bloomberg learned of the intention of Russia to postpone the placement of Eurobonds

Russia will postpone the return to international markets later this year, reported Bloomberg, citing two senior officials. It clarifies the Agency, the decision not to place a Eurobond is taken against the background of continuing US sanctions and the European Union, as well as information about the pressure on the big banks, who are asked to withdraw from the placement of bonds.

According to sources Bloomberg, the planned raising $3 billion would cover the tenth part of the budget deficit this year. Itself unsuccessful attempt they called “symbolic loss” of the Ministry of Finance. The Agency had hoped that the willingness of some European countries to ease the sanctions and the growing interest of investors to Russian debt may allow you to place more bonds, said one of the interlocutors Bloomberg.

The sources said that in recent months, Russian authorities have considered the number of ways that you could circumvent the restrictions the US and EU, including placement in Swiss francs and yen. However, officials noted, Moscow has not been able to find a sufficient number of banks and investors that had expressed a desire to participate in the placing in conditions of fear because of the sanctions.

Last week Finance Minister Anton Siluanov admitted that Russia had difficulties with accommodation. “Yes, now are started intrigues to this issue, many banks refuse. However, the window for such opportunities we are not closing, are working in this direction”, – said the Minister. He noted that Russia wanted just to “test the market, to participate in this market is that investors saw our presence there”.