Chapter RCDS encouraged to expand the range of criminal sanctions in the field of information

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin urged to give “tough, adequate and symmetric response” the information war, which, in his opinion, the U.S. and its allies are against Russia and some other countries. He said this in an article published in the edition “Kommersant Vlast”.

“The last decade Russia, and a number of other countries, living in conditions of so-called hybrid war unleashed by the US and its allies. This war is being waged in different areas — political, economic, informational, and legal. However, the most disastrous were the consequences of information war”, — wrote the head of the RCDS.

“Stop playing in redemocracy following pseudoliberalism values,” called on Bastrykin and proposed to “define the limits of censorship in Russia of the global Internet.

In his view, necessary “to provide for non-judicial (administrative) procedure for inclusion in the Federal list of extremist materials, as well as blocking domain names of websites that spread extremist and radical nationalist.” “If the owners of this information do not consider it extremist, let them appeal against the relevant actions of authorized government agencies to court and prove his innocence,” — said Bastrykin.

He believes that it is necessary to consider the question of the recognition of criminal offences the possession, collection, “uploading from computer” of materials related to recruitment, which is performed in the Internet terrorist organization.

In addition, expression of extremism should be considered a denial of the outcome of the national referendum, and to Supplement “article 280 of the criminal code (public calls for extremist activities) qualifying attribute, involving the calls for extremist activities if they involve the falsification of information about historical facts and events”.