Experts estimated the reduction in revenues LIH from falling oil prices 30%

For the period since the middle of last year and March 2016 the income of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) fell by 30%, Reuters reports with reference to the study of the consulting company in the energy sector IHS Global Inc. According to analysts, amid falling oil prices the monthly income of the militants fell from $80 million in the middle of last year to $56 million in March 2016.

The level of oil production in the territories occupied by militants, during the same time period fell from 33 thousand barrels to 21 thousand barrels per day, mainly due to the airstrikes the US-led coalition on the ISIL infrastructure, says Reuters, citing a report from IHS Global Inc.

“Islamic state” is still heavily in the region, but this is a significant drop in income and, in the long term, will complicate the control of ISIL occupied territories”, — said a senior analyst at IHS Ludovico Carlino.

The territory controlled by the militants also fell by about 22% since mid-2014, while the number of population in the area dropped from 9 million to about 6 million. Experts point out that thus decreased and the amount received by the militants from the tax.

About 50% of the revenues the group receives from taxation and confiscation of property of the population in the occupied territories, 43% from oil sales, the rest from smuggling drugs, electricity sales and donations, the report said IHS Global Inc.

The militants have introduced a rule, according to which sentenced to physical punishment can avoid them in exchange for cash payments, and it also testifies to the financial difficulties of the group, the report said.

In addition, the new taxes were introduced on such activities as the installation of a satellite dish or outside of the city.