In the state Duma have found a way to get MPs to regularly go to work

The bill of socialist-revolutionaries, which allows to deprive of deputies of the state Duma mandate for absenteeism, can be accepted already till the end of April, said two people close to the leadership of the lower chamber. According to them, the initiative will be adjusted: the Duma majority is satisfied with the amendments, prepared by the Deputy from LDPR Alexey Didenko (have) .

What change in the law on truants

As adopted in the first reading the draft law “Fair Russia” has suggested to deprive of deputies mandates for systematic failure to perform duties, but not mentioned, what specifically is involved. In the amendments of the liberal democratic party are more than clear bases. There should be three in total: within 30 days the member does not participate in the plenary sessions, the work of the Committee and does not work with voters in regions. Only if he does not perform all three duties within a month, there will be grounds for revoking the mandate, emphasizes Didenko.

“If a faction decided to send the Deputy to work in the region with voters, then no one will punish him for missing meetings. For a question need all three reasons,” adds a source in the Duma.

To initiate the deprivation of the Deputy mandate on these grounds can either faction in the MP, or his Committee, a new version of the document. They send the materials into the Duma Commission on ethics, and she decides whether there are grounds for punishing the MP. The Commission shall issue in the matter before the entire Council.

The bill will not be spelled out valid reasons, which will allow MPs to be absent in the Duma within 30 days. To provide the Foundation for every case is impossible, says the source close to the leadership of the lower chamber. According to him, the question of whether the Deputy is entitled to be present or not, in each case, will be resolved by the Committee on ethics.

The Chairman of the Committee on constitutional legislation Vladimir Pligin said that, in his opinion, the deputies will support the bill be amended as follows. “I think the initiative of our esteemed colleagues will meet with the understanding of many Council members, as the faction had repeatedly raised the question about such a possibility [to deprive of mandates of deputies for absenteeism],” said he.

Pligin added that the amendments insure LDPR deputies from “arbitrariness”, since the decision is made by the whole Council.

A source close to the leadership of the lower house, confirms that “arbitrariness in the deprivation of mandates will not.” According to him, the issue is addressed by the ethics Commission, in which exactly half of the voters belong to the United Russia party and the other opposition.

The law gave the acceleration

The initiative last year was made by deputies from “Fair Russia” headed by party leader Sergey Mironov, for six months he lay without movement, but in mid-March was unexpectedly approved by the relevant Committee and adopted by the Duma in the first reading.

After that, the bill has been frozen indefinitely, said earlier interlocutors . This occurred because of different views in the state Duma on the concept of the bill, and in addition many believed that to deprive of mandates of deputies for six months before the election is meaningless, says a source close to the Duma’s leadership.

Amendments LDPR, the Committee on constitutional legislation will consider on Wednesday, and on Friday, the document may be adopted in the second and third readings, tells a source close to the Duma’s leadership. Rather, “for” will vote for “United Russia”, LDPR and “Fair Russia”, he adds. According to the source , negotiations with the Communist party still in progress.

The Chairman of the faction of the Communist Nikolai Kolomeitsev said that the party did not change the attitude and do not support the idea. “This is a PR of socialist-revolutionaries and unconstitutional proposition.” he said.

“The basic concept of the bill, which involves active participation of the factions in the formulation of positions in relation to deputies, will remain” — said Monday the Pligin to journalists, answering a question on possible amendments to the draft. He confirmed that the bill could be considered by the Duma as early as this week.

Already on April 27, the vote can be held in the Federation Council, says the Duma is close to the leadership of the interlocutor. The document comes into force from the date of publication, and from that point, MPs will no longer be able to refuse to work.

The first victim of innovation

This will give the basis of the “Fair Russia” to raise the question about deprivation of mandates of Ilya Ponomarev and Alexei Mitrofanov, said the Chairman of the faction Mikhail Emelyanov. Both the MP recently are abroad and do not participate in the work of the Duma. “Perhaps Ponomarev and Mitrofanov will lose their mandates until the end of the spring session,” said a source close to the Duma’s leadership.

Earlier, the interlocutors close to the Duma Committee on constitutional legislation, told me that one of the reasons for the adoption of the bill of socialist-revolutionaries, were the actions of Ponomareva. In early March, he participated in the Forum of free Russia in Lithuania, where he strongly criticized the actions of the Russian leadership. However, at the same time, the interviewees said that it makes no sense to deprive them of the mandate now, given that the Duma elections will be held this fall.

But now decided that it is worth making, says a source close to the leadership of “United Russia”. The law has long been time to accept, he said. “People sit abroad and criticize their country and still get paid as MPs. It is high time to stop,” he said.

After elections of the Duma of the new convocation, the law may be finalized, says the source close to the leadership of the lower chamber. In the new structure will be single-member constituencies, and while it is not clear how to extend the provisions of the bill to them, said the source .

This project increases the control of the factions over their deputies, the Director of the International Institute of political expertise, Yevgeny Minchenko, the leadership of factions interested in adopting this law.

International precedents for the exemption of the mandate for absenteeism, but this is not common practice, says the expert.

“Man, being elected to the State Duma, the law needs to respond only to their constituents, does not agree with the authors of the innovations, the Director of Institute of selective technologies Evgenie of Knots. — Theoretically it can be withdrawn only by the voters. But the goal is clear: factions want to do the deputies managed to such cases, as with Ponomariov was not.”