Novak reported on the study of possible routes for gas supplies to Italy

Novak reported on the study of possible routes for gas supplies to Italy

Moscow. April 16. Russia is studying the possibility of gas supplies to Italy and through southern direction, and through the “Nord stream 2”, told reporters on Saturday the head of Ministry Alexander Novak.

On Friday Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and foreign Minister of Italy Paolo gentiloni discussed the projects of gas deliveries to Italy, in particular, the project Poseidon (Poseidon is the project of construction of a gas pipeline from Greece to Italy on the bottom of the Adriatic).

“As for deliveries of (Russian) gas to Greece the route (up to “Poseidon”) has not yet been selected, it is a separate issue” – said the Minister.

“Poseidon now signed a Memorandum of feasibility is now being studied, he said. And companies that plan to participate are Gazprom, Greek Depa and Italian Edison – they will conduct appropriate research and then the next step will decide what’s next. Maybe will come to any concrete agreement.”

Commenting on the outcome of negotiations with Gentiloni, Novak said, “the Point of view of the Italians is to provide a reliable supply of gas, and what route will be – will depend on other factors.”

According to the Minister, discussions are under way and possible gas supplies to Italy of the “Nord stream 2” through Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria. “Anyway, they now take gas from Baumgarten, if we build up to the Baumgarten advanced through the North, it will be an additional opportunity, but not excluding the southern direction. It’s just diversification of routes,” said Novak.