“Rostelecom” has offered Putin to develop Russia’s “Internet of things”

In a letter to the President of “Rostelecom” Sergey Kalugin, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, dated to the end of 2015, which was at the disposal of “Vedomosti”, said the industrial Internet consortium, which would include stakeholders in its development of businesses and organizations. A source close to “Rostelecom”, confirmed to Vedomosti that the letter was sent.

The company proposes to create a consortium and to lead it. “Rostelecom” is ready to become the operator of the industrial infrastructure of the Internet. Industrial Internet — the “Internet of things” (Internet of Things, IoT), direction, focused on creating an environment in which you are connected over Internet networks “smart” devices communicate via one Protocol without human intervention.

The idea of creation of consortium industrial Internet in Russia is not new. “Rostelecom” has acted with such a proposal in the summer of 2015, in August the company signed a Memorandum on the establishment of the Association “Russian space systems”. Even then, “Rostelecom” has declared that wants to become the operator of the infrastructure for collecting and processing data, as well as the platform on which to deploy applications for companies.

In October 2015, the Ministry of industry and trade launched the development of a roadmap for development of “Internet of things”, the paper prepares the Foundation for Internet development initiatives (FRIA), wrote Kommersant. It also involves the creation of a consortium with the participation of “Rostelecom” and other companies.

In the letter the head of “Rostelecom” the President stressed that the industrial “Internet of things”, in particular, can improve production efficiency, reducing costs and risks of accidents.

The document contains a forecast, which shows that the effect of the introduction of IoT in the real sector of the economy in 4-5 years to reach 0.8–1.4 trillion rubles due to the growth of labor productivity and reduce costs. Kalugin notes that the network of “Rostelecom” plugged in the vast majority of manufacturing companies and the operator has a unique infrastructure of facilities and systems to solve problems of national importance.

The head of “Rostelecom” asked Putin to instruct the government to develop a programme for the implementation of “Internet of things” in Russian enterprises and to provide “Rostelecom” organizational support in the creation of the consortium.

Judging by resolution, request the President of “Rostelecom” sent for consideration to the government and the presidential administration of Russia, pointing to “Vedomosti”.

According to “VimpelCom”, referenced in the publication, at the end of last year was up to 8 million “smart” devices, according to Executive Director, J’son & Partners Consulting Sergey Savkunova — up to 15 million According to experts, in the next 10 years benefit from the introduction in Russia of comprehensive Internet technology could reach $200 billion.

At the same time, the employees of other operators, who gives the “Gazette,” according to an alarming desire “Rostelecom” corner the market “Internet of things”. According to one of interlocutors of the edition, the claim of “Rostelecom” on the role of the main operator IoT is strange, because the vast majority of decisions in this sphere in the world based on mobile technologies. Top Manager of one of largest Russian cellular operators, in conversation with the “statements” expressed bewilderment about how this market can be main or base operator: suppliers of smart things will be thousands, each of them will seek to form an ecosystem that is already happening.