Russia and Turkey introduced a visa regime for holders of service passports

Turkey introduced a visa regime for Russian citizens entering the country on official passport, said in a Facebook of the Embassy of Turkey in Moscow. The visa regime introduced from Friday, April 15.

Russia has imposed a “mirror response”, reports TASS with reference to the Russian foreign Ministry.

Holders of official passports on the constant service at the diplomatic missions and consular institutions of Russia in Turkey on a permanent basis, along with family members can enter without a visa. Visa-free regime is preserved for Russian citizens, holders of diplomatic or ordinary passports.

Service passports according to Russian law are issued, in particular, civil servants, employees of state corporations and the Bank of Russia.

Last month Ankara announced the visa regime for Russian journalists. The measure was introduced “on the basis of the principle of reciprocity” for the media who plan on February 15 journalistic trip to Turkey. The Russian journalists working in Turkey on a permanent basis, it was not explained to the Turkish Embassy in Moscow.

Russia from January 1, introduced a visa regime for Turkish citizens. At the same time began to act, the economic sanctions imposed by Russia against Turkey. These restrictions were introduced after the Turkish air force on the border with Syria shot down a Russian bomber su-24.