The Bank “Ugra” has received quarterly loss of more than 20 billion rubles.

The loss of the Bank “Ugra” in the first quarter was 21.9 billion rubles, it follows from statements by Russian standards on 1 April, which is published on the website of the Central Bank. For the same period last year, the Bank earned a profit of 2.3 billion rubles. the Bank was profitable years, including this year: the profit for February was 1.6 billion rubles, in January – 1,7 billion rubles, for January 1 – 6.1 billion rubles.

In March, the Bank had to assess additional reserves at 21 billion rubles, which was the main cause of the loss, notes the analyst of National rating Agency (NRA) Karina Artemiev. In January-February, the Bank “Ugra” has earmarked 1.16 billion rubles on loans to companies. “In March, with the balance of the “left” promissory notes of approximately 30 billion rubles, which the Bank took as collateral for corporate loans, — says Artemiev. Apparently, these loans had to be transferred to a lower category of quality, and demanded additional reserves.”

“Ugra” took the 28th place in terms of assets. The Bank’s assets on 1 January amounted to 368,6 billion rubles, last year they grew more than doubled (the average growth rate of assets of the 30 largest banks in 2015 amounted to 25%). Credit portfolio of “Ugra” has grown in 2,5 times — with of 113.8 billion to 275,6 billion rubles, almost all loans granted to legal entities (retail loans constitute less than 1% of the portfolio). The corporate loan portfolio at 1 April amounts to nearly 259 billion rubles.

The Bank Ponderosa mainly at the expense of the population: the portfolio of deposits of citizens for the year 2015 have grown by 136% from 66.8 billion to 158 billion rubles (about 70% of all client resources in the Bank).

The Bank “Ugra” continues to verify the Central Bank, which began in early April, noted to “Vedomosti”. Took part in audit and the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA). The General Director of DIA Yuri Isaev said earlier that the Agency was checking the register of depositors of the Bank and “nothing alarming… didn’t see.” The Central Bank continues to check the Bank, indicates one of the financiers. Official representative of “Ugra” Oleg Nikishenkov emphasized that the test routine, and one of her reasons — “re-Bank “Yugra” from Khanty-Mansiysk to Moscow”.

In 2015, the Bank has applied for government support through OFZs, although they didn’t get it. On 19 February it became known that the Bank “Ugra” plans to list on the Moscow exchange, placing of 6.1 million ordinary and 24 thousand preferred shares, 47% of the total share capital. “The Bank’s shares are included in quotation list a third, it will happen in mid-March”, — said the President of Ugra Alexey Nefedov. However, the IPO never took place.

The press service of the Bank “Ugra” has not yet responded to the request .