“Delta-credit” lost in the Forex food almost 2 billion rubles.

The cause of the loss of “Delta credit” was the restructuring of foreign currency mortgage loans, reported the Bank press service. According to the Bank, the mortgage loan portfolio denominated in dollars decreased $76 million, the number of dollar loans decreased from 4.3 thousand to 3.2 thousand “In February the Bank had special conditions the refinancing of dollar-denominated loans into rubles — the forgiveness of up to 20% of debt and the rate from 8.5% to 10% on new ruble-denominated loans,” — said the official representative of the Bank Ilya Alexandrov. In addition, Alexander says, the Bank created a provision for translated into rubles portfolio.

From the beginning, the customers of “Delta Credit”, accepting a mortgage in the currency has held a number of events at its offices on moss and Butyrsky to the Shaft, protesting against the proposed banks in terms of restructuring loans. The last actions took place in mid-February: first currency borrowers pelted the office of the Bank of toy frogs and then pinned to the door of the office of the Bank in the business center “White square” at the station “Belorusskaya” panties with the inscription “Last. $About$”. Before currency, food was required to transfer the loans into rubles at the exchange rate, the Central Bank recommended to banks.

In January 2015, the Central Bank sent recommendations to credit institutions on conversion of foreign currency loans into roubles at the exchange rate at October 1, 2014 — 39,39 rubles per dollar and 49,98 rubles per Euro. “DeltaCredit” reported that in 2015 of about 2.5 thousand families of foreign currency borrowers restructured their mortgages.

By the end of 2015 “Delta the credit” also was unprofitable, its losses amounted to 683 million rubles.