Interactive the Bank has suspended payments of clients

From the evening of 18 April the clients of Interactive Bank have any problems with making payments. Customer complaints have appeared on forums the banking and The employee call center, Interactive Bank said that the issue with payments had arisen with the evening April 18, and explained their technical work.

“Now we have the technical work on the IT platform of the Bank, so there is a delay when sending and receiving payments of legal entities and individuals. — said the employee of the call center. — The completion is scheduled in the near future, but specifically when you are finished with the work, we have no information”.

“Give a Deposit”, — said the employee of the call center to the question about the possibility to take a Bank Deposit. The press service of the Bank declined to comment.

Interactive the Bank, according to rating Banks.Roux, takes 428-th place by assets (2.9 billion rubles). Retail loans in the Bank amount to 249 billion rubles, loans to enterprises 1.3 billion rubles Deposits in the Bank amount to 2 billion rubles, funds of enterprises — 301 million rubles, bonds — 20 million rubles On the interbank market, the Bank was not working.

In August 2015, the Bank changed the composition of shareholders and has announced a change in its development strategy, which has decided to focus on working with big data. Among the new shareholders came in and the top management of the Bank. According to the Central Bank, the Bank is 9.9% owned by OOO “Flagman” (the ultimate beneficiary Rustem sulyaev), 9.9% of the company “Lada XXI century” (the ultimate beneficiary is Dmitry Kaminsky), 9.9% of LLC “Aletta” (the ultimate beneficiary is Dmitry grinik) and other companies and individuals.According to information on the website of the Central Bank, Kaminsky is the person under the significant influence which in accordance with the criteria of IFRS the Bank is located.