NATO to discuss with Russia the maneuvers of the su-24 on the American destroyer

The first since the June 2014 meeting of the Council Russia-NATO at the level of ambassadors will take place on Wednesday, June 20. At the meeting, the allies of the Alliance plan to focus on “unsafe and unprofessional behavior” of the Russian pilots, writes Bloomberg referring to the statement by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

The Alliance will require Russia to refrain from provocative military exercises after series of Russian aircraft encounters with the destroyer the USS Donald cook in international waters of the Baltic sea that took place last week. According to Stoltenberg, the incident with the American destroyer in the Baltic sea “only emphasize the importance of holding open talks on military issues, predictability and risk reduction”.

As reported by the Pentagon, first in the vicinity of the American destroyer “Donald cook” flew a Russian fighter jet su-24, a few days later the ship approached several Russian aircraft and helicopter.

The Russian defense Ministry said that the crews of su-24 were performed over the Baltic sea routine training flights in full compliance with international standards. In the defense Ministry stressed that, finding the ship, “the Russian pilots made a top from it with observance of all security measures”.

The Agency Reuters referring to the American military wrote that Russian aircraft repeatedly approached the destroyer at a distance of about 30 m. In turn, the Russian military had paid attention to the fact that an American destroyer at the time of the flyby Russian su-24 was located about 70 km from the Russian naval base, and on the day of rapprochement with the destroyer crews of su-24 Air-space forces (VKS) Russia performed routine training flights over neutral waters of the Baltic sea.

Relations between Russia and NATO became strained after the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine and events in Crimea in April 2014. Then it was halted practical cooperation between the Alliance and the Russian military. The NATO leaders stressed the need to maintain diplomatic dialogue with Moscow.

In early April 2016 NATO announced a meeting in Brussels of the Council Russia — NATO. Later it became known that the meeting will be held on April 20.