Putin announced record growth of labour productivity in the defence sector

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said about the record of labor productivity in the military-industrial complex. Speaking at the Congress of the Union of machine builders in Moscow,he noted that since 2007 this indicator has grown three times, reports TASS.

“It’s a real record among the sectors of the domestic economy. For the period from 2011 to 2015 1.7%, in 2015 — by 7.2%,” — said the President. According to him, productivity has increased during the implementation of the Federal target program through the introduction of new technical solutions. The head of state paid attention that the plan for the modernization of the defence industry have started to implement ten years ago, and “not in connection with some events of the moment.”

Putin also reminded that the volume of arms exports of Russia last year amounted to $14.5 billion “the Volume of production of the defence industry increased by almost 13%,” — said the President. According to him, in arms exports Russia is the second largest in the world (first USA).

During his speech the President stated that the peak of orders in the defense sector will be in 2017. “Then all this will gradually decrease. I hope that [after that] defense enterprises <…> establish a competitive release and, importantly, high-tech civilian products”, — Putin said (quoted by “Interfax”).

Last week in the “Straight line” workers of the Tula instrument Design Bureau asked Putin will not cut the state defence order. Then the President responded that the defense order must and will be fulfilled to the full extent. However, he also noted that the peak loading will decrease as the acquisition.

“The question about what to download [venture] to stand”, — said Putin, noting that “we should think about this both sides now”. Then he admitted that the timing of defense procurement may shift.

As he told the Russian President at the end of March, the portfolio of export orders for Russian weaponry exceeded $56 billion, and the amount signed to 2015 contracts exceeds $26 billion. “We exceeded the last maximum [under export contracts], which was in 2013,” — said Putin.

Assistant to the President on military-technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin has noted that the demand for Russian weapons has increased on the background of the operation in Syria. The edition “Kommersant-Dengi” has calculated that the impact of the campaign against ISIS may lead to contracts worth around $6-7 billion, which will exceed the estimated cost of the operation itself.