Russia dropped out of the top five largest world importers of wine

Victims of the embargo

According to the International organization of wine (OIV), the import of wine to Russia by the end of 2015 fell 14.5% in real terms, to 400 million litres, and by 27.7% in cash, up to €625 million “the Cause of the fall <…> steel sanctions and the associated economic crisis in the country”, — stated in the report of the organization.

As a result, Russia fell from fifth place in the ranking of the largest world importers of wine in seventh, behind China and Canada. The largest wine importer in the world by the end of 2015 was Germany, wessa 1.5 billion liters of wine for €2.5 billion (see table).

In OIV statistics takes into account not only the bottled wine, but the wine is imported to Russia for bottling. From organization data indicate that in Russia last year brought not only a smaller volume of wine, but also significantly cheaper goods: according to OIV, in 2014 the average cost of a conventional wine bottle 0,7 l, imported into Russia, amounted to €1,29 and in 2015 — €1,09.

Data OIV confirmed by the figures of the Federal customs service (FCS). According to her, in 2015 in Russia has imported 404 million litres of wines and wine materials, 13.9% lower than a year earlier. The import actually still wines in Russia in 2015 decreased by 32.6% to 167.2 million L. But the production of wine in Russia (including from imported wine materials) grew 25% to 400 million L. as a result, the share of imported wines in 2015, according to estimates , had less than a third of the Russian market is 29.5% (compared to 42.9 percent in 2014).

Who drinks more

According to OIV, China in 2015 increased the vineyard area by 34%, to 830 thousand hectares, and was ranked second in the world after the Spanish land given over to grape growing. Russia in the ranking is 17th place with 63 thousand hectares of vineyards. European OIV ignores the vineyards of the Crimea as Russian territory, but the total area of vineyards in Russia up to 100 thousand hectares.

The largest wine producer in the world in 2015 was Italy, which increased for the year amounts to 12% to 4,95 billion L. It has also become a leader in exports, selling to foreign markets 2.4 billion liters of wine (65%) and earn €2.6 billion In revenue from wine exports first place in the world occupied France, earned €8.2 billion in sales of 1.4 billion liters of wine.

The largest wine consumer in the world in 2015 was the USA, where it sold 3.1 billion liters of wine. Russia in the ranking of the largest consumers on the basis of 2015 took ninth place with 890 million l

According to research wine Institute (California), published in November 2015, Russia took the 77 th place in the world (out of 222 countries) in terms of wine consumption per capita with a rate of 6.95 liters per year per person. For comparison: in occupying the third place according to this indicator Croatia (the first two at the Vatican and Andorra) the average consumer drinks in a year of 44.2 liters of wine.