Russia is the only country in the G20 wished a victory to trump the elections in the USA

Among the population of major developed countries of the world Russia was the only one who would win the presidential election in the USA the Republican and billionaire Donald Trump. This follows from the results of the survey research firm YouGov, conducted among 20 thousand adults, commissioned by the German business publication Handelsblatt. Of Americans about their preferences didn’t ask, because I studied international opinion about the internal politics of the United States.

The majority of respondents expressed their preference for the favorite in the presidential race from the Democratic party Hillary Clinton. The maximum benefit she received in Mexico, where she would like to see the head of the U.S. 54% more people than trump.

In Russia trump would like to see the next President of the United States 31% of respondents, while supporters of Clinton have gained 10%. Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Ted Cruz is sympathetic to 1% of Russians.

At the end of last year, President Vladimir Putin called trump a leader of the presidential race in the United States. “He’s a very bright man, talented, without a doubt. Not our business to determine its merits, it’s a matter of the U.S. voters, but he is the absolute leader of the presidential race,” said the head of state.

In response, the billionaire thanked Putin for the compliment. “Always an honor to receive such nice compliments from someone who is very respected in her country and abroad,” said trump.

In March, during the election debates trump called Putin a stronger leader than current President Barack Obama. “If we’re talking about Putin, I can tell you that it is a very strong leader for Russia, much stronger than our leader. However, this does not mean that I support Putin,” said trump.

On the eve of key primaries that will be held on Tuesday in new York, the Huffington Post published the results of a poll which has a 62 percent chance of becoming the Republican presidential candidate. Clinton’s chances for the nomination from the Democrats, according to HuffPollster, estimated at 92%. In this case, Clinton will win the presidential election with a probability of 74%, writes the edition.

The most confidence of Russians among world leaders, according to YouGov, is Putin, and second place goes to the Dalai Lama.

In the YouGov survey respondents were asked several questions not related to politics. It was found that 79% of Russians are dissatisfied with their personal economic situation, and satisfied only 19%. More dissatisfied was only in South Korea is 80% and the maximum satisfaction showed respondents in India is 63%.

Thus, according to YouGov, the Russians with optimism look at the future of their children. Responding to a question about whether, in their opinion, the situation in the country better or worse for their descendants than for them, 45% of Russian respondents said that it would be better, 20% — what would be worse, and 22% believe that nothing will change.

In this part of the survey the main optimists were the Chinese, 66% of whom believe in a better future for their children, and the maximum pessimism was shown by the French, 65% of whom felt that their children will have worse.