The CEC has published a video of the meeting Pamfilova with supporters of Navalny

The record of the meeting of the CEC Chairperson Ella Pamfilova with Fund staff prevention of corruption Alexei Navalny appeared on the website of the Central election Committee on Tuesday afternoon, one day after meeting with representatives of the opposition, complained of election irregularities in Barvikha.

Pamfilova has decided to publish the video, “to avoid unfair presentation of information” from the opposition, she explained .

The record of the meeting lasts 2 hours and 15 minutes. On it, in particular, is seen as George Alborov invites the Chairperson of the Commission to go with him to Barvikha and see for yourself the fraud. Pamfilova asks him “not to waste time on public appeals” and advises to report specific violations and not “PR”.

“The meeting was serious. To work on the public, we decided not to invite journalists. But because before the meeting, it became known that the boys, without telling anyone, including his stream, I decided that we should record everything to avoid distortion,” said she. Pamfilova stressed that she stands for transparency in our work, so we decided to publish the entire record as a whole.

“The meeting lasted for 2.5 hours, who will have enough patience, that will look. They will be able to compare with how it was interpreted,” — said the CEC Chairman.

Pamfilova stressed that “to disrupt it will not succeed”. “The emotions I retracted deep inside, as the position requires, and will communicate with all who have reason,” she said, adding that “the behavior, level of literacy, motives and let it remain on the conscience of these people.”

Pamfilova suggested that the opposition, apparently, “not very well understand the level of empowerment of the Central election Commission”, as “demanded her immediate repression”. “I can’t stand neither the Investigating Committee nor the Prosecutor’s office,” she added.

Before Pamfilova met with associates of Alexei Navalny. They participate in the elections to the village Council of deputies in the Moscow Barvikha and complained about violations during early voting. The opposition led online broadcast of the Commission meeting.

The opposition was dissatisfied with the meeting with the new head of the CEC. “She didn’t tell us anything: “All complaints will review, will give to the Prosecutor’s office,” recounted the results of the meeting, leaving the CEC, the head of the legal Department of the FCO, Ivan Zhdanov, who was elected in Barvikha. According to him, in response to the mention of instituted criminal proceedings against him Pamfilova said, “Going into politics, you know, what could be”. Member of the Central Council of the “Progress Party” of George Alborov called a meeting with Pamfilova “the most pointless 2 hours and 15 minutes during the whole campaign” and compared the meeting with Pamfilova with a direct line to the President: “promises, promises to study the situation and no action.”

Navalny in his blog wrote that Pamfilova “will be even worse” than its predecessor Vladimir Churov.

The opposition complained of early voting in the village of Barvikha. According to them, during early voting in Barvikha on the plots came dozens of people massively registered at the address of the candidate from “United Russia” Elena Zhdanova. The Alborov demanded pulling her from voting, criminal responsibility for bribery of voters and the cancellation of the votes of those who voted registered at the same address.

All specific facts stated in the complaint, will form the basis of decisions of the CEC of Russia, and also in the queries that will be sent to subordinate election commissions, law enforcement agencies, said the press service of the CEC on the results of the meeting. On Monday, the CEC sent an inquiry to the Prosecutor General with a request to promptly perform all necessary Supervisory actions. On the one hand, went the member of the CEC and the staff of the CEC to study the documents and clarify information about possible violations of the electoral law, the report of the electoral Commission. Since 16 April, the CEC has opened a hotline on which you can report violations.

Voting day in Barvikha is scheduled for April 24. On elections registered nearly a hundred candidates, including the members of the unregistered “progress Party” Alexei Navalny.