The government announced the results of inspection Tkachev on conflict of interest

Tkachev has sent its request to the government on 11 January. On Tuesday evening, April 19, the press service of the Ministry of agriculture reported that the notification of the Minister was reviewed and “decided to recognize that in the performance of duties on the post of the Federal Minister of the conflict of interest was not admitted”.

Earlier, the press service of the government of the Russian Federation replied that the examination was conducted, but details not revealed by redirecting to the representatives of the Ministry of agriculture. The notification was reviewed by a special Commission, which delivered its opinion, explained the employee of the Ministry.

President Vladimir Putin appointed Tkachev Minister on 22 April 2015. Before Tkachev 2001 was the Governor of the Krasnodar territory. About a possible conflict of interest of the new Minister has said Deputy Chairman of the anti-corruption Committee of the state Duma Alexander Hinstein: November 30, 2015 Tkachev at a meeting with the faction “United Russia” the Deputy asked the head of the Ministry of agriculture the relevant issue.

To receive the comment Hinstein has not yet succeeded.

The procedure for notifying about the occurrence of personal interest for persons holding state positions of the Russian Federation (as a member of the government belongs Tkachev), was approved by presidential decree No. 650 of 22 December 2015. Before this decree, to notify of a possible conflict of interest Tkachev could not, explained the representative of the Ministry of agriculture.

That the Tkachev family agriculture, has long been known. Large enterprise in the Krasnodar region — JSC “agro” was founded in 1993 by father Minister Nikolay Tkachev. According to SPARK, the Tkachev family members till March 2002 remained shareholders of agricultural company: brother Alexander Tkachev Alexey was 1%, their father — 0,67%. Nikolay Tkachev was Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “Firm “Agrocomplex” until his death in August 2014. March 27, 2015 at the General meeting of shareholders it was decided to rename the company into JSC “Firm “Agrocomplex them. N. And. Tkachev”. Relatives Tkachev also owns a number of assets that are not associated with the “Agro them. N. And. Tkachev”. So, the wife of the Minister Olga Tkacheva owns vineyards “château de Tal” in Gelendzhik.

Tkachev denied that his family owned farms. In an interview in June 2015 he said that he sees no conflict of interest: “It’s not the oil, but the earth, the production of milk, meat, eggs, bread… Conventional farming. The company I created in 1995-1996, they are small, they have more than 20 years. Am I supposed to sell? The decision is up to the relatives… This is absolutely normal — it enterprises, plants, factories. What conflict?”.

Revenue of JSC “Agrocomplex them. N. And.Tkachev” in 2015 amounted to 38.7 billion rubles, an increase of 46% compared to 2014, follows from the annual accounting statements of the company. Net profit increased by 60% and amounted to 6.6 billion rubles.

According to the rating research company BEFL established in April of 2016, “Agrocomplex them. N. And.Tkachev” has occupied 6 place in the ranking of the largest holders of agricultural land, last year the firm ranked in the same ranking only 16th place. During the year the company increased its land Bank more than doubled to 456 thousand ha. In last year “Agrocomplex them. N. And.Tkachev” has made a big deal for the purchase of land: in may 2015, the Federal Antimonopoly service approved the company’s purchase of assets of one of the largest in the past agroholdings in Russia Valinor. The deal includes 150-160 thousand hectares of land Bank Valinor, in the words of former Manager of “Agro them. N. And.Tkachev”.