The income Fund has nearly doubled Navalny after high-profile investigations

Who than helps

The Fund of struggle against corruption have prepared for publication a report on the work in 2015. As follows from the document, which is available , the organization received 40463 transfer totaling nearly 39,8 mln rubles Expenses amounted to 38.9 BCF mln.

The Fund exists solely on private donations, said the founder of NCB Alexey Navalny. “In Russia there are no more large NGOs, in addition to the Fund of struggle against corruption, which would operate, without involving state aid and grants” — said Navalny. According to him, all translations were done from Russian territory. In the Fund of struggle against corruption is to ensure that money were endowed only with Russian cards, so that the authorities had no reason to acknowledge FBK “foreign agent”.

The payment to FBC can be issued directly from a Bank card or using the service “Yandex.Money”, “Alfa-Click” and Sberbank Online. In total in 2015, money to Fund transferred 17531 people, 3031 people signed up for recurring payments. “Now two-thirds of our budget we receive through monthly donations” — presented in the report the words of the Manager of the FBC ASI Ramenskaya.

Average payment — 985. Maximum donation amounted to 100 thousand rubles, said the press-Secretary of the Foundation Kira Yarmysh. The vast majority of donors are individuals, explained the Director of FBK Roman Rubanov. According to him, the money Fund occasionally puts only one legal entity, which is located in Naryan-Mar.

The Fund Bulk stress that faced problems in raising funds. “More than 5 banks refused to help us with the processing of payments. Most often our attempts to establish a system of payments stop at the stage of coordination with the security services, which, as we said, can refuse without giving reasons,” notes Ramenskaya.

In 2014, it is stated in the previous report BCF, the Foundation has received 23969 translation with donations at a total cost of 28.5 million rubles.

Investigation of the year

According to Navalny, to achieve growth in donations compared to previous year managed a number of high profile investigations conducted by FBK. According to the report, in 2015 the Fund Navalny has published 56 investigations devoted to the government contracts and assets of officials and politicians. This, in particular, materials containing facts about the property the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, the family of the Minister of defence Sergei Shoigu, Senator Dmitry Sablin, etc.

Most of all, FBK has managed to collect funds after the publication of an investigation into the business Empire of the sons of Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika. As told the representative of the Kira Yarmysh, then there was a surge of donations, and NGOs received little more than 3 million rubles.

Another factor, which, according to Navalny, affects the growth of donations is the pressure from the authorities. “Before the establishment of the Fund, when it was just a Painting project, there was a clear pattern: when you bump us, people transfer to us more money,” said Navalny. He also noted that the society again became interested in corruption issues.

What do they spend

The main item of expenditure FBK is spending on staff (45,87%). In 2015 they amounted to 17.8 million rbl. the Average salary of the employee FBK is 65.8 thousand rubles according to the report, the Foundation employs 36 people, but in the state listed only 24 employees. So 12 people don’t get paid, explains Rubanov: for example, do not get money by Navalny himself. Exactly the same works and Leonid Volkov, who in 2013 oversaw a staff of Navalny during the election campaign running for mayor of Moscow.

Nearly 4.8 million rubles were spent on tax payments. Office rent in Moscow business-the centre “omega Plaza” near the metro station “Avtozavodskaya” cost about 7.9 million rubles., and service areas — 1.7 million rubles. Other expenses, including payment for accounting services and audit, communication and connection to information systems amounted to 6.6 mln.

As highlighted in the report, the sociological service of the Foundation has conducted several surveys, making a total of almost 2.2 million calls and completing 30 thousand questionnaires. Supporters of the BCF 1084 sent complaints to various state agencies and distributed 50 thousand anti-corruption brochures.

In 2014, the BCF expenditure amounted to almost 31.5 million rubles, including 61,55% was spent on staff and the average salary of employees of Fund was slightly higher than in 2015, nearly 67 thousand rubles.

The cost of the FBC is comparable to spending another large NPO is a Russian branch of the International organisation on counteraction of corruption Transparency International. From the reports sent to the Ministry of justice, it follows that in 2015, NGOs have spent a little more than 43,2 million rbl. the Organization runs on money given by the Secretariat of Transparency International. As sources of funding for selected projects will also include U.S. Embassy and the UK.

A number of NGOs supported by the state. In 2015, printoperator seeded a total of 4 billion rubles during the last selection of the requests were met 382 request in the amount of RUB 1 billion. the Largest amount of aid went to non-profit organizations that promote Russian world, including in Arab countries, and Pro-government youth.

Dozens of NGOs involved in the activities of onf, in 2015 received in the form of presidential grants to a total of about 300 million rubles.

40 million rubles collected by FBK — it’s not such a big amount if you compare it with what it is possible to collect, for example, for the treatment of children, said the head of the charity project “Need” Mitya Aleshkovsky. But the situation is unique, said Aleshkovsky that money not going to a specific purpose, not to help a certain person, and on the functioning of the entire organization. And in this case 40 million rubles — a huge sum, adds the source.