The Kremlin has commented on the article Bastrykin in the magazine “Power”

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told journalists that the day before during the working day Vladimir Putin due to the tight schedule did not have time to read the article of the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Alexander Bastrykin in the magazine “Power”, which caused a great resonance.

“We did not show publication. We had such a full day,” he said. However, he misspoke, he did not know, had Putin read the article last night.

Peskov refused to answer the question whether the statement Bastrykin position of the Russian leadership. “Not as press Secretary Bastrykin, can’t answer your question,” he said.

Yesterday in magazine “Kommersant Vlast” left column Bastrykin “it’s Time to put an effective barrier to the information war”. The head of the TFR among the proposed initiatives is a ban of foreign online media, the tightening regulation of the Internet, as well as criminal penalties for denying the results of a national referendum.

Commenting on article Bastrykin, Peskov recalled that already “has been said about the Internet as about the free exchange of information.” He noted that this exchange must be “regulated”. According to him, also “addressed the continued attempts to find Golden mean” between freedom of the Internet and restriction of the nutrient medium for the spread of deadly manifestations, such as prostitution, human trafficking.

In addition, commenting on statements of the head of the TFR, the President’s press Secretary noted that in the past year, Putin addressed the issue of ensuring comfortable operation of small, medium and large businesses.