The largest beer producer has agreed to sell the brand Grolsch Japanese

The world’s largest brewing company — Belgian AB InBev agreed with the Japanese concern Asahi about buying the latest of several European premium brands of beer, including Italian Peroni and Grolsch Dutch, according to Tuesday’s Financial Times.

The offer to purchase Asahi made in early February. Now, after collecting information about employees and internal consultation about selling the business, InBev approved it. The amount of the transaction, according to the Financial Times, will reach $2.55 billion by Bloomberg and Reuters are a few very large sum — €2.55 billion ($2.9 billion).

Brands Peroni and Grolsch now belongs to the British group SABMiller, the decision to absorb that InBev announced in November. The purchase price of the concern is about $100 billion According to representatives of AB InBev, the deal with Japan is a success condition to close the deal to buy SABMiller. Sale of assets was one of the requirements of antitrust authorities to the deal: InBev was required to sell part of business to SABMiller, in particular two of the six flagship brands to a third party. Buy assets Asahi also pass inspection by the European Commission.

For Asahi Belgian group is a longtime partner. Back in 2009 the Japanese InBev acquired the Chinese brewery Tsingtao in nearly $700 million the New agreement will for the first time Japan’s largest beer group in the European market. Given the declining Japanese population, this poses several opportunities and several challenges, says Bloomberg. For example, the business could be affected by the inexperience of Asahi in the European market, where brewing traditions are much older than in Japan, said the Agency expert of the Tokyo branch of Credit Suisse Masashi Mori. “Asahi is a good experience of cost control after previous acquisitions. But will they use it from the perspective of European brands, I still doubt it,” he added.