The state Duma has equated Internet news aggregators to media

The state Duma on Tuesday adopted in the first reading the draft law, news aggregators equated to mass media. In support of the bill voted by the faction “United Russia” and the Communist party. The LDPR and “Fair Russia” did not vote, although one of the initiators of the bill — Alexey Kazakov is a member of the faction “socialist”, the correspondent.

The bill was supported by 319 votes, with 70 deputies did not vote at all — were neither for nor against nor abstained. Voted against it and four deputies.

The bill is very likely to be adopted, and told the interlocutors in the state Duma.

Amendments to the law “On information, information technologies and about protection of information” and the administrative code governing the work of news aggregators, have been submitted to the Duma in February, MPs from the Committee on information policy Kazakov and Alexander Yushchenko (CPRF). The authors wanted to require news aggregators to check the information disseminated, to ensure that among the materials the media did not appear extremist, and on request of Roskomnadzor to restrict the access of readers to information in the event that she violates the law. For failure to comply with these requirements with the aggregators may result in a fine from 100-200 thousand to 5 million rubles.

Last Friday, the Committee on information policy recommended the adoption of the bill in the first reading, however, in its opinion, spoke against the proposal to hold aggregators accountable for the information they disseminate. Because according to the law on mass media journalists, and so are obliged to verify the accuracy of published information, the aggregators in the case of the introduction of responsibility will be to duplicate this responsibility, according to the Committee. Also the Committee for the second reading were recommended to clarify in the bill the concept of a news aggregator.

The initiative was scarified by representatives of the Internet industry. Therefore, as announced on Friday, the Chairman of the Committee Leonid Levin, on the basis of the expert Council under the Committee created working group which till the end of April will start work on amendments for the second reading. During consideration of the bill in the first reading on Tuesday, Levin reminded about it.