The white house posted its version of the telephone conversation Obama and Putin

U.S. President Barack Obama during a telephone conversation in the evening last Monday with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin stressed the importance to achieve from Damascus cease attacks on the opposition. This is stated in the statement of the White house.

“President Obama spoke today by phone with President Vladimir Putin to Express their concern over the status of ceasefire in Syria between the Syrian regime and its allies on the one hand, and the armed opposition – with each other. President Obama pointed to the need for pressure on the Syrian regime to halt its offensive on the opposition”, – said in a statement.

It also highlights that the two leaders “pledged to intensify their efforts to strengthen the cessation of hostilities”, and also confirmed the “necessity of ending the attacks from all sides and ensure humanitarian access to all besieged areas”.

Obama also stressed that “progress on these issues needs to be achieved in parallel with progress on political change to end the conflict in Syria,” reads the statement of the White house.

Earlier phone conversation between Obama and Putin, the press service of the Kremlin. It was noted that the conversation took place on the initiative of the American side. The report said that “the leaders discussed in detail the situation in Syria, Reaffirming, in particular, willingness to contribute to the consolidation initiated by Russia and the United States the cessation of hostilities in that country and ensure humanitarian access to the areas concerned”.

In addition, according to the press service of the Kremlin, “Putin stressed the need for early distancing “moderate” opposition from ISIS and “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra” (both organizations are banned in Russia), and overlap the border of Syria with Turkey, which is continuing infiltration of militants and arms supplies to extremists”.

The Kremlin also said that Obama thanked Putin for help in freeing the U.S. citizen in Syria.

Last week, the Agency Bloomberg referring to a source in the U.S. state Department reported that the U.S. calls on Russia to help stop the offensive by the forces of President Bashar al-Assad in Aleppo. The interviewer was told that Washington fears that the actions of the government forces to put an end to the ceasefire.

The Agency cited statements by the leaders of Syrian opposition groups that in the recent talks in Geneva spoke about the large-scale offensive of Assad to the South of Aleppo. In their opinion, these actions of Syrian troops violate the cease fire.