To “Gazprom” came back the third largest contractor

Old friend

For January—March 2016 stroygazconsulting has won the contract of “Gazprom” at 18.2 billion rubles, follows from materials on the portal of public procurement. More traditionally, only the largest contractors of the monopoly — “Stroygazmontazh” Arkady Rotenberg (status, according to Forbes, $1 billion) and “Stroytransgaz” Gennady Timchenko ($11.4 billion). They received orders for 25 bn and 20.4 bn respectively.

Mostly GTS received a contract for major repairs of gas pipelines. The representative of “Stroygazconsulting” have refused comments and in “Gazprom” did not respond to a request

Four years ago GSK was also one of the largest executors of the orders of the monopoles (see reference). In 2013, the contractor situation has deteriorated sharply: the company won the tenders of only 35 billion rubles of the Former owner and President of SGK Ziad Manasir complained in the summer of 2013 the Executive Secretary of the presidential Commission on fuel and Energy complex Igor Sechin, Gazprom is delaying payments to contractors and does not give new contracts. In 2014, the company has not received a single new contract.

Partner Of “Gazprom”

Stroygazconsulting has started work on major construction projects of “Gazprom” in 1996. By 2009, SGC was a contractor at the same time on 10 major projects by Gazprom, including the super-giant Bovanenkovskoye field on the Yamal Peninsula. In the company there were 7 thousand units of heavy equipment and 30 thousand employees. The portfolio of government contracts received by SGC in 2008-2012 exceeded, according to Forbes, 800 billion rubles, According to the spark database, the SGC’s revenue in 2014 amounted to 109,2 billion rubles compared to the amount of 203.9 billion rubles in 2013. In 2014 the company revealed the 5 billion rubles of the loss.

Again to work for Gazprom, stroygazconsulting began after the change of ownership: in the spring of 2015, Gazprombank and the Fund under the management of the UCP Ilya Sherbovich bought out the company from Manasir and his partner Ruslan Baysarov. 19 August 2015 GTS won the tender “Gazprom extraction Nadym” for the construction of shift complex value of 293 million rubles at the Bovanenkovskoye field. Just 2015, the SGC has received from “Gazprom” contracts 20.2 billion rubles “stroygazmontazh” won the contract for more than 300 billion rubles, Stroytransgaz — 56 billion rubles. in addition, in March of last year, the company Timchenko without competition has received the first 200 km “Power of Siberia”, the amount of the contract for this phase was not called.

SGK in debt

The lack of new contracts “Gazprom” has become a big problem for SGK in 2014: the company started having problems with creditors. According to the database of Arbitration, creditors have filed claims for the recovery of 11.2 billion rubles, in 2015 — by 46.6 billion rubles, from the beginning of 2016 — for another 6 billion rubles. the Sum of debts of the company passed to the bailiffs and outstanding, exceeds 17.7 billion rubles, follows from the data of SPARK.

Most of all, the company needs the savings Bank: the amount of loans the Bank “Stroygazconsulting” exceeds 35 billion rubles, told two sources from among the lenders. However, in court the savings Bank did not address. A source at the Bank confirms that debt is restructured. The representative of the savings Bank has not yet responded to the request .

Through the court of the debt was charged by the Bank of Moscow. SGC owes him 18 billion rubles, the Representative of VTB (sanitizes the Bank of Moscow) said, that the Bank and the company are looking for a solution to resolve the situation. But, if the agreement will not be reached, the Bank of Moscow will seek the entry into force of court decisions on recovery of debts from SGC and its subsidiaries, as well as the satisfaction of Bank statements on their bankruptcy

Alfa-Bank SGC needs about 6 billion rubles in the Bank Source also said that the company failed to agree on terms that meet the interests of both parties. The representative of Alfa-Bank declined to comment.