Blogger Anton Spout will be charged with extremism

Blogger Anton Nosik Tuesday, April 26, will be arraigned on the article “incitement of hatred or enmity, and humiliation of human dignity with the use of the mass media” (part 1 of article 282 of the criminal code), said his lawyer Sergei adamsin.

According to Badamshina, the Spout, which is now in the status of the suspect, handed over the notice, stating that next week he must come to the Moscow Department of the Investigative Committee for Central Federal district. There will be declared that he is the accused in a criminal case that was initiated after the post of the blogger about the bombing of Syria, said in the notice.

In the Metropolitan Department of the TFR did not answer the call .

A criminal case on the Spout started on 26 November 2015. Investigators are interested in the text published by the blogger in his “Live journal” on October 1. Nosik wrote that he, “as any Israeli” Syria has always been and remains “a real military enemy”, and “warmly welcomed” the strikes on Syria. This post in “Live journal” is still available.

The decision to change procedural status of the Trunk was made after experts of the Volgograd laboratory of judicial examinations of the Ministry of justice reviewed the text of the Spout.

Research ( examined its contents) found that in the text of the Spout, see “linguistic signs of excitation of hatred and enmity toward a group of persons “Syrians,” released on national-territorial basis”.

The document also indicated that the author of the post refers to a specific recipient, calling him “Mr President” and urging him to bomb Syria. The urge expressed by obscene verb, which is “contextual” means “to bomb, destroy.”

This is already the third investigation, appointed according to the materials of the post of the blogger.

The first examination was conducted by specialists of Institute of criminalistics of the FSB. The experts came to the conclusion that in the post, “there are statements of an extremist nature”. Also the specialists of the FSB found in the text the justification of violent acts against the Syrians.

The second study of the sayings of the Nose was carried out within the framework of psycholinguistic analysis. In the case stated that the examination did not find in the words of the blogger “sign of excitation of hatred or enmity”.

In addition to post in “Live journal” (LJ) investigators are interested in the speech of the journalist on air of radio station “Echo of Moscow”, which, like the publication, was devoted to Syria and to refugees from the Middle East. In this regard, two of the leading “echo of Moscow” were summoned for interrogation as witnesses, said the source publication, familiar with the investigation.

In October, the Trunk is said not ready to comment on what constitutes extremism and what is not. “For all time of existence of the law on extremism I legally clear definition of extremism is not seen”, — said Spout. The blogger noted that he is not going to remove your post from LJ, did not consider their statements of extremist and did not see them in call for any action.