CEC canceled the election results in Barvikha after protests by supporters of Navalny

On Wednesday, the members of the CEC voted unanimously for the draft resolution, which obliges territorial Commission of the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region “immediately cancel” the decision of the election Commission of Barvikha on the appointment and conduct of elections and on holding early elections, the correspondent from the meeting of the CEC.

The CEC decided to oblige the election Commission of the Moscow region “immediately to monitor the implementation of the present resolution”.

The reason — the revealed violations during early voting, explained the Chairman of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova. In particular, according to her, the reason voters allowed for early voting, did not conform to the law. For example, the basis on which many voted, it was listed as “departure”.

“This decision is the result not of pressure on us, and the result of our work”, — said Deputy Chairman of the Central election Commission Nikolay Bulaev. Pamfilova agreed with him.

It is a clear signal from the CEC to the commissions that the Commission will stop all violations, said a member of CEC Sirotkin.

Shows a passivity of law enforcement officers, Tsiku it is necessary to develop methodological tools, said Pamfilova.

The head of electoral Committee of the Moscow region Irek Vildanov has promised to comply with the instructions of the CEC. However, he stressed that “the same people” hold loud public relations campaign for different election, and asked to hold elections on all levels on the single voting day, to “the country lived in peace.” “People spend their technology,” he said. Vildanov added that “not cutting slack”.

Most of the voting in Barvikha will be held on April 24. Early voting began April 16.

The day before four of the five employees of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny, nominated in Barvikha, announced the withdrawal of their candidacies in protest against the work of election commissions.

As said the head of the election headquarters of the opposition Leonid Volkov, early in the second district of Barvikha voted 241 people out of the approximately 3 thousand voters, which accounted for about 28% of the potential number of voters. Navalny wrote in his blog that it makes no sense to participate in elections, even if voting day “has already thrown 30% of the vote”.

Pamfilova stated that “the boys are uneducated, they do not know the law, lost their nerve” (quotes on the radio “Moscow speaking”).