Medvedev is not found in Russia “in tatters” of the economy

Speaking at the Collegium of the Ministry of Finance, Medvedev said that “a colleague” had predicted that the Russian economy “will be torn to shreds.” The head of government stressed that the predictions about the destruction of the Russian economy has not come true. “We understand that there is no shreds”, – said the head of the government (quoted by “Interfax”).

Medvedev acknowledged that the Russian economy has problems, but her condition is “much better than a certain historical period”, Recalling the crises of 2008-2009. “After a difficult first half, the economy has stabilized,” explained the Prime Minister.

In particular, the Prime Minister highlighted the fact that conservative policies the authorities managed to maintain the stability of the budget system. According to Medvedev, today the government considers it possible to return to a three-year budget cycle.

In addition, the Prime Minister said about the need and further strengthening the financial system, given the foreign sanctions. “Unfortunately, judging by the indicators that we have, they quite possibly will remain,” admitted Medvedev.

Touched the Prime Minister and the sovereign ratings of Russia, the assignment of which, in his words, “not without a political component”. According to him, the rating agencies were left unchanged including because they were initially underestimated. “We believe that in addition to the economic factors that affect the decision of rating agencies, there is still not without its political component,” he said.

About “ripped to shreds” the Russian economy in January of last year told President Barack Obama. “Russia is isolated, with its economy in tatters”, said the head of the White house amid a sharp fall in oil prices and the depreciation of the ruble.