Naftogaz increased the amount of the claim to “Gazprom” to $50 billion

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” has increased the claim to “Gazprom” to $50 billion in the proceedings in the Stockholm arbitration. About this on air of the Ukrainian “5 channel” said the head of “Naftogaz” Andrey Kobelev. “The total cost of two lawsuits to the Stockholm is approximately $50 billion”, — quotes Koroleva “ЛІГА.net”.

A lawsuit in Stockholm arbitration “Naftogaz” filed in October 2014. The company demanded that the Russian holding company compensation is not provided for the transit of volumes of gas and the interest on that amount. February 19, Kobolyev said that the amount of the claim to “Gazprom” in the Stockholm arbitration “approaching $30 billion”.

In 2015, Gazprom filed a counterclaim and demanded to collect from “Naftogaz” payment for the shortfall of the contractual gas volumes in 2012-2013, which the Ukrainian side had to pay, on a “take or pay”. The amount of the claim, according to the latest figures, is over $31 billion.

In addition, according to Kobolyev, “Naftogaz” submitted to Russia the claim for compensation because of deprivation of access to his property in the Crimea. It deals with compensation “not only the cost of the towers, and all assets are lost “Naftogaz” on the territory of Crimea” and “those assets that we temporarily don’t have access,” said Korolev (quoted by “Interfax-Ukraine”). He stressed that the defendant in this case is Russia. According to Koboleva, the trial will be longer and more complex than the Stockholm arbitration to “Gazprom”.

In February Naftogaz sent the Russian authorities a formal request to start negotiations to resolve the dispute about the company’s assets in Crimea. The Ukrainian company has threatened to submit the claim to arbitration, if the problem is not solved through negotiations. The value of the loss of Crimean assets “Naftogaz” estimated at 15.7 billion USD.