NATO Secretary General expressed “profound disagreements” after talks with Russia

NATO and Russia have “deep divisions” and “very different views”, the first of 2014 with consultations at the ambassadorial level are unable to change this. This is the results of the negotiations said the Secretary-General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg, reports Reuters.

The Secretary General said that at the meeting in which the Russian side was attended by the permanent representative at Alliance Alexander Grushko discussed Ukraine, military risks, and Afghanistan.

According to Stoltenberg, the parties disagree as to the vision of the facts of the situation in Ukraine, and ideas about responsible for an ongoing crisis. The Secretary General said that Moscow mistakenly tries to present what is happening as civil background.

“Many allies agree that Russia is trying to present the events as a civil war. Russia is destabilizing Eastern Ukraine by supporting separatists by supplying ammunition and equipment, financing, and command and control,” said NATO Secretary General.

The head of the Alliance stressed that NATO members do not recognize the annexation of the Crimea and their “great concern” violations of the ceasefire regime in Ukraine. Moscow considers the annexation of Crimea by Russia’s legitimate, explaining that it happened by referendum, the results of which are not recognized in the West. The Russian authorities have also repeatedly denied financial and military support of militias and the participation in the conflict the regular troops.

At the meeting, the NATO ambassadors also expressed “deep concern” at the incidents over the Baltic sea. That topic will be discussed at the meeting was discussed the day before. The Alliance has expressed dissatisfaction with last week’s series of Russian aircraft encounters with the destroyer “Donald cook”, as well as the approach of the su-27 to the us spy planes.

Stoltenberg stated that “deep contradictions” between Russia and NATO have not disappeared in the recent meeting. He described the talks as “Frank”. The Secretary General also expressed hope for the continuation of such talks, noting that the parties had not agreed on any dates of your choice.